Hiroya Oku(|奥 浩哉|Oku Hiroya) born September 16, 1967 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka is a mangaka who is the creator of Gantz, Zero-One and Hen, all of which have been serialized in Young Jump. He is currently working on Phase 3 of Gantz. His manga often contains explicit violence and gore, as well as sexual situations.

He won the second prize of the Youth Manga Awards in 1988, under the pen name Yahiro Kuon.

He designed a character for Namco Bandai's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fighting game, Soulcalibur IV named Shura.

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"I would say my favorite things right now are girls in manga with girlish faces and huge tits that just jump out at you!" [1]

Most hated thingEdit

He has stated his hatred of cat ears on a girl.

Works Edit

  • Hen (1988–1997)
There are two series of Hen; the first, with kanji, ran for 13 volumes—the first three are short story collections, and the remaining ten are a romantic comedy in which both leads are male. The short stories were later repackaged as "Aka" and "Kuro".
The second series, 8 volumes, with the title only in romaji, is a romantic comedy in which both leads are women. This series has been adapted into an anime.
  • Zero One (1999–2000)
There are only three volumes, about a video game tournament. It was not successful, and ended abruptly.
It consists of 37 volumes. The first eight have been adapted into the first 21 episodes of the two seasons of the anime, with the final five episodes consisting of a different story that doesn't follow the manga.
Three volumes in all, about a shut-in or hikikomori falling in love with his young stepmother after the death of his father.
A sick old man is turned into a battle robot after aliens accidentally destroy his body.
A Gantz series with a different group of hunters. Art by Keita Iizuka.
  • Gigant (2017 – ) A porn star meets an unknown entity and gains the ability to grow gigantic.

Stuff Oku saysEdit

At the end of the collected volumes of Gantz, Oku often has something to say.


Oku states that Die Hard and Back to the Future are his favorite films. [2]

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