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JJ, is an American martial artists visiting Japan. He is very quiet and thoughtful.





Buddhist Temple Alien Arc

JJ stands at the back of the room and doesn't really say anything. He follows the prayer by the priest and that's all he does. After seeing Kato lift up two members of the room to demonstrate the strength of the suit, he challenges him, Kato accepting, and hits him hard to test out how strong he is. He did not put on a suit before they were all transferred to the temple, nor did he bring one along just in case.

He goes along with the others, running with them when the two large statues at the front of the temple come to life and chase them. When all the human size aliens start to appear he starts to fight them using martial arts. He takes a few down on his own. When Kato makes 2 groups he goes with Hojo's group. When most of the group runs inside at the end, to the final building with aliens in it, he goes along with them.

He fights one of the spawns and wins for the most part. JJ gets his hand trapped by the spawn and snaps his bone. JJ head buts him and then another one of the spawn breaks his neck before he has time to recover.

Abilities & Skills




  • Despite being American, in the Japanese version, JJ speaks rather poor English (due to the fact that his voice actor, Yutaka Aoyama, most likely doesn't speak English). It is most noticeable in the fact that he does not use Stress correctly, probably because emphasis is applied and used differently in Japanese than it is in English. This was avoided in the English version, since his American actor, Robert Anderson, speaks English perfectly and they added some words to match the lip flaps.
  • He does not have a Japanese name, being called JJ instead, since he is an American.
  • Despite having a voice actor he doesn't speak much. His longest line was, "Fuck this and FUCK YOU!"
  • His name is not said in either the Anime or Manga but his name is in the credits and by process of elimination it can be worked out as to what it is, JJ.