Shimaki (George)
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz
Occupation Restaurant Worker
Team Gantz (Osaka)
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga 241. A Delightful Stink
Final Appearance
Manga 265.  Feminine Hell
Movie Actor/Actress

Joji Shimaki (島木譲二, Shimaki Jōji), also known as George, is a veteran member of the Osaka Team, making his first appearance during the Nurarihyon Alien Mission.


George is dark skinned, bald and muscular.


Like his fellow team members, George is arrogant and careless, both for his teammates and the dangers surrounding him. After Knob declared he would kill a dangerous alien by himself, George refused to help him after things turned sour, despite the fact that the two appeared to be close friends.


George works at a restaurant with Knob. At some point, he died and was sent to the Gantz room. He has accumulated 100 points three times, and chosen to remain in the game.


Osaka Mission ArcEdit

George is seen getting ready for the mission together with his fellow teammates. When they encounter the Tokyo Team, they tell them to get lost and not to steal any of their points, disregarding the implications posed by the presence of the Tokyo team.

George hunts together with Knob. The two challenge each other to kill powerful aliens within a time limit. George succeeds in killing one in 1 minute, though Knob claims he was late by 1 second. They are then seen fighting a large alien with the rest of their team. The pair, together with Kazuo Kuwabara confront two of the boss aliens, saving Kato, Virgin-Kun and Yamasaki in the process. Knob declares that he'll kill one of them on his own, and when the tables turn against him, George and Kuwabara refuse to help him. Knob manages to kill the alien, but is mortally wounded in the process.

Despite what happened to his comrade, George declares that he'll kill the other alien himself, leaving Kuwabara to relax. George fights him with his katana, and despite a few close calls, he succeeds in killing it. The final boss, Nurarihyon, arrives however, and George and Kuwabara agree to kill him together. The two slice him to pieces, but he immediately reforms into a different shape, now having adapted to their sword attacks. Kuwabara declares the monster too tough for him, and departs, saying that Oka will finish it. George refuses to give up however, and grabs the alien, attempting to squeeze him to death. The plan backfires when Nurarihyon transforms into a colossus of naked women, and kills him.

Abilities & SkillsEdit

Yamasaki claims that George "fights like a retard" and that he is the lowest one of the team, but he despite this, he has proven himself to be a capable fighter, as evidenced by the fact that he has cleared the game three times. He primarily fights using the Z-Gun and katana, and is proficient in the use of both, dispatching a boss alien worth 68 points by himself with relative ease.


  • His given name was revealed in the film Gantz:O.


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