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Jouji Morozumi is one of five new recruits before beginning the Oni Alien Mission. He presumably knows three of them and they appear to possibly be co-workers. In all likelihood all died in the same incident. How they died is never addressed.


First appearing in Volume 16 Chapter 190 he is seen wearing a suit and tie. He has black hair.


He showed little personality other than surrendering to the aliens when he was afraid during the Oni Alien Mission, he also asked whether or not he could shoot an alien hinting at being nervous or possibly afraid.


He alongside four others join the Gantz room before undertaking the Oni Alien Mission. He, Houchuu Nagashima, Manabu Yamaguchi and Masafumi Shirokuma are confused as to why they are there. When Kurono Kei tells them they will be able to leave if they put on the suits they do not argue and wear them. Before the transfer begins Kei warns them about the dangers that may lie ahead warning that not all of them might make it. After being transported to Ikebokoru he and the others contemplate going home but are caught by Kei who tells them to stay. They are led by Reika to confront an alien they find on their radar. Upon confronting the alien it transforms, Reika shoots of its arm resulting in Houchuu being killed by acid vomit. He is swiftly avenged when Reika obliterates the upper-half of the alien's body however the lower half survives and runs away. Reika chases it leaving the others behind. When they are next seen they are surrounded by aliens and Jouji surrenders only to be killed by being covered in acid.


How he died is never addressed. He arrived with four other recruits, three he was presumably affiliated with and they were likely co-workers. Almost nothing is known about this character's past.