Kazuki Shiro
Debut 0027. Latent Ability
Last Appearance 0027. Latent Ability
Voice Actor
Japanese ?
English Victor Carsrud
Age 16-17
Current Status Alive

Kazuki Shiro is a junior at the school Masaru Kato attends. He hadn't heard about Kato before the Onizuka incident since he had been on leave for a while.


Pre-Tanaka Alien ArcEdit

Upon hearing about Kato, Kazuki goes to his class to check him out. He calls Kato out and tells him about Chiaki Onizuka's plan to anally rape him after school. Later, Kato goes to the 11th grade bathroom and ambushes Onizuka while he's on the toilet. He bloodily beats him and leaves him on the ground severely injured. Impressed, Kazuki asks if Kato wants to join his gang and rule the school together, but Kato just ignores him and walks back to his class.


  • In the manga, including himself, there were five members of his gang. In the anime, there are only four.
  • Kazuki's name is not mentioned in the anime. It is also not said in the official English manga by Dark Horse. Whether or not this is an error remains to be seen.
  • He was not present trying to rape one of Kato's friends in the manga; he didn't appear until the scene in the bathroom with Onizuka.
  • His reaction to Kato's beating of Onizuka was altered in the anime. Instead of offering Kato to join his gang, he just watches until Kato leaves the restroom before commenting on how scary Kato can be.
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