Kyo Hanaki
Race Human
Age ?
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans, Gantz
Occupation Alien-Hunter
Team Osaka Team
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 243. West Side Story
Final Appearance
Manga 258. Splatterhead
Movie Actor/Actress

Kyo Hanaki (花紀 京, Hanaki Kyō) is one of the primary members of the Osaka Gantz team. Kyo appears to be a young man with a markedly feminine appearance; he has soft and defined features. He is pictured injecting heroin[1], and is a veteran member of the Osaka Team, having completed the game twice.[2] He is frequently pictured using the bike, in contrast to his team-mates, and is among the first to reach the 100-pointer. He dies when combatting the 100-point alien alone, though not without inflicting devastating damage.[3]

Personality and Fighting StyleEdit

Kyo appears visibly detached from his compatriots, failing to communicate with any of the veteran members of the team for the period in which he is seen alive. While ostensibly reserved, Kyo's personality awakens in combat, wherein he battles with both recklessness--in evidence in Chapter 244, where he leaps off his bike and attacks the foe directly--and astuteness-- evidenced through his approach in trying to defeat the 100-point alien by sniping, though this soon degenerates into recklessness when his plan fails.

Though his use of hard drugs may well be an influencing factor, Kyo seems to elicit great delight from defeating any aliens he combats, often seen drooling as a result. He laughs when maiming an alien, taunting his foe by goading it to vocalize humiliating sentiments. Kyo demonstrates no reservations in eliminating enemies he perceives weaker than himself, though the 100-pointer succeeds in curtailing his eagerness to dive in.


Kyo death

Though Anzu Yamasaki deems him unstable, Kyo is not stunted intellectually. He exhibits proficiency with numerous tools supplied by Gantz, including computer equipment, and strategically deduces that following the trail of seemingly useless 1-point aliens will enable him to find locations reserving greater quantities. Kyo is able to utilize several tools in conjunction; he was capable of using the bike to approach the enemy at speed, before leaping off and defeating it with a gun.

Kyo demonstrates some element of compassion for his bespectacled team-mate, saving him from encroaching aliens. Kyo brings him along to aid in destroying any aliens they find. Kyo's saving of this novice illustrates a difference with the other veteran players of the Osaka Gantz team, who remain unwilling to assist other participants.


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