Kyohiko Matsumura
Race Human
Age 15-16
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 23. Normality
Final Appearance
Manga 118. Sweethart
Japanese Naoya Iwahashi
English Kurt Stoll
Movie Actor/Actress

Kyohiko Matsumura was a "friend" of Kei Kurono at school and frequently hung out with him and Eisuke Nakazawa.


Post-Onion Alien ArcEdit

Matsumura, Kurono, and Nakazawa are discussing anime and reading an adult magazine just before class starts. Later, Matsumura talks to Kurono about how he's being hit up for money by a junior, Masatomo Yonekura. Kurono doesn't care in the slightest, since he doesn't consider Matsumura a real friend. Just then, Yonekura himself walks out and asks the other boy for his money. Matsumura offers him 5,000 yen, but Yonekura demands 10,000 from him. Since he doesn't have the money, Yonekura offers to hit up Kurono for the rest of the money if Matsumura will tag him. Seeing no other way out, Matsumura tags Kurono and runs off. After Kurono comes back to class, Matsumura insists that the former give Yonekura the money, since he has ties with yakuza and motorcycle gangs.

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