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This article deals with the equipment found in the Gantz manga. Some of it was also featured in the Anime. The information will not be valid in the Gantz game, as most things from the manga are not featured there, and the game added a large number of special weapons(grenades, etc.) not seen in the series at all.

After everyone's arrival, and before being sent out on the mission, the Gantz ball opens, sending out three racks from it to the back and side walls. In these, the hunters find three types of guns, the controllers, and cases with their suits in them. Additional equipment, such as the vehicles and swords, or items earned from the hundred point menu, can be found in a side room that unlocks when the ball opens. The hunters can take home any equipment they wish, and use them as they see fit, as long as they don't bring attention towards Gantz.

Standard equipment[]

Basic suit[]

Gantz Suit

The Gantz suits as they appear in the manga.

When the Gantz ball opens, the rack that appears at the back of Gantz contains cases with everyone's names on them. Inside, they find a skin-tight bodysuit that is tuned to the individual's body and can only be utilized by that specific Hunter. These suits provide the wearer with incredible strength, speed, endurance, and the ability to jump very high, as well as land without problems thanks to the shoes, which are seen to release a white smoke to cushion one returning from a high jump.[1]. The suit also provides the hunter with incredible protection to their body, even to the head, which is fully exposed. Large caliber bullet rounds to the face do not leave so much as a bruise.[2] It should be noted, however, that the suit only seems to protect from conventional attacks such as bullets and punches as well as normal swords [3] but does not seem to do anything for other slicing attacks like from a laser or certain acids. When in full use, the suits' artificial muscles expand, making the Hunter appear larger. The suit also allows the wearer to lift roughly 15 tons, as an old man equipped with the Gantz suit lift and threw a baby brontosaurus.[4] However, the amount of damage it can sustain is limited. Should the suit receive too many powerful impacts without time to recover, the "caps" along the suit will break, releasing the essential substance that powers it, rendering it as useful as ordinary clothes. One can also attack the caps directly and release the fluid that powers it, as seen done by the Vampires[5], and Izumi on different occasions. It should also be noted that attacks from the X-gun or X-rifle, will destroy the caps and render the suit useless. The suit's limit of power also varies on the user: the stronger the person, the stronger the suit. Emotional stress can also damage the suit.


Controller hd by darkmeteorix-d4fqq7u

Called a controller in the Gantz manual, it is commonly referred to as a radar throughout the series, although it has other functions. It is a device used to track the targets, displaying the targets as well as fellow teammates on its screen. However, the marker on the radar is not very precise. It has created many situations in which the Hunters ran into trouble pinpointing the exact number and location of the targets. These are found in one of the weapon racks that is revealed when the Gantz ball opens. They allow for the changing of someone's frequency, rendering them invisible to those not on the same frequency. This allows them to turn invisible to other people. The two Pin-like buttons on the end of the opposite side to the big round activation button allow for switching between frequencies, which can also expose the user to the outside world, as explained during the Ring and Tae Mission. Clothes you wear on your suit, weapons you hold, and even people that don't have a suit stay invisible as long as they hold onto the cloaked person. Vampires can counter this effect by wearing special glasses or contacts designed for this purpose. The boss monster in the Temple mission can see a person even when they were invisible [6], as has a powerful alien in the Osaka mission. It's also shown that the cloaking field can also be disrupted temporarily via enemies attacking or firing the Y-Gun. They also display the time left in a mission and display the boundaries of the mission area, which no Hunter can pass through unharmed. The Controller has unlimited energy reserves as long as it's connected to a functional suit without it runs out on battery unless it's recharged or a new mission begins.


X GUN Final by Darkmeteorix

The X-gun is a small handgun-sized weapon that gets its name from the four protrusions around the barrel that spread out like an "X" when fired. The X-gun uses compressed energy as its ammo. The energy travels until it is absorbed by something, then it explodes inside the target after a delay. One drawback to this weapon is that it has a significant time delay between the trigger(s) being pressed and the compressed energy having any physical effect on the target, during the delay the enemy can kill the wielder. It features an X-ray monitor in the back. Later in the manga, the X-ray device is revealed to be part of a lock-on system that can target multiple enemies at once. It has an oddity shared by the X-Shotgun: it has two triggers. The upper trigger is pulled by the pointer finger, causing the gun to lock onto a target displayed on the monitor[7]. The lower trigger fires the weapon on the target, even if the gun is no longer facing that direction[8]. To fire it in a running battle, one must pull both triggers simultaneously. There is also a dial at the top which can be used to affect the explosive level of the blast.[9]

It was first called x-gun in Chapter 62, by Kishimoto, who explained "it makes an X when you shoot it" "and it also has x-ray powers".


X Shotgun Final by Darkmeteorix

This weapon is similar to the X-Gun in almost every respect in terms of functionality. However, the X-Shotgun is meant for long-range, has higher accuracy, and a sniper scope. In the Buddhist Temple mission, a hunter named Jyuzo Togo who was equipped with this weapon, stated that its range is at least one kilometer.[10] The official Gantz manual refers to it as the X-Shotgun. Still, in the anime it is referred to as a rifle. In the Tae hunting mission, Kurono first demonstrates the ability of this weapon to lock onto multiple targets, and then fire at all of them at once.[11]


Y Gun Final by Darkmeteorix

The Y-gun is a handgun that has the same lock-on capabilities of the X-Gun. It launches three "laser anchors" connected by ropes. This wraps around the target, securely tying them up before the anchors are buried into the ground. Once this is done, the target can be sent away by the same fax-like method Gantz uses to transfer the hunters to and from missions. It is not known if they are simply sent and never made to reappear anywhere else, or sent off to some unknown location where they presumably die. In the Temple mission, Katou used a Y-gun on the alien boss, who then ejected his head from the body, and then ejected himself and formed a new body. Even after the separated head has finished being sent away, we see the old body itself being also sent, showing that in the manga, once a target has been locked onto, cutting off the top does not stop the rest from being sent as well. The rule is different in the anime when that same boss just cut off the very top of his head, and that got sent and not the rest of him. Both triggers are pulled to fire a snare. Individually the top trigger on the Y-gun is used for locking on, while the bottom is for initiating the "send." This weapon gets its name from the "Y"-shaped barrel that the net launches from. It has been shown that if the alien is strong enough, it can break free of the net, as is usually the case in the later manga chapters.

Gantz sword[]

Gantz katana v2 0 by darkmeteorix-d35jbn0

The only melee weapon revealed so far. It is a katana-like weapon that is usually in a closed hilt-only state. When in use, an incredibly sharp blade extends from the hilt. It can extend without loss of durability, and it is unknown if its length is limited; currently, it has only been extended to roughly 30 feet. The swords are seen scattered amongst the floor in the same room as the Monobikes, which only unlocks after the Gantz ball opens up. None of the current Tokyo Gantz team members knew of this until after Izumi appeared before the Dinosaur mission. After that mission, others are shown with swords as well. The Gantz sword can be used while in stealth mode, even when at maximum reach. The only time that the sword is shown to break is during the Italy mission when Kurono and Kato use it to attack two Roman Statue Aliens.[12]

Gantz bike[]


Kurono on the Gantz bike.

A type of monowheel, with a seat for a driver and a rider, its own radar, and the ability to go into stealth mode. It can travel at great velocity. It made its first appearance before the start of the Dinosaur mission. There are two standard Gantz Bikes seen in the side room.

100 point Menu, Option 2 Equipment[]

There is no mention of how many times one must get the hundred point menu before some equipment appears, or if the Z-gun gets a power-up for every hundred points as a character in the series suggested. All that is known is that hunters who are said to have gotten a hundred points on numerous occasions have better equipment.


H-Gun v2

In chapter 296, it's revealed that the Z-Gun[13] is the first weapon you receive once you pick Option 2 from the 100 point menu. In chapter 247, the weapon is shown in use for the first time. It seems to apply severe gravitational force in a circular area and force everything within range of the shot to slam into the ground or be flattened, even a few inches of the floor below the shot is cut out. Some powerful enemies have been shown to survive multiple blasts with this weapon. Extraordinary powerful enemies have been shown to partially resist the gravity effect with sheer, brute strength — reading the manga closely, it can be noticed that this happens because the weapon must be charged. If you press the trigger for a long time, the "gravity smash" will be stronger. If you repeatedly shoot it without charging, the "gravity smash" is weaker. The Z-Gun doesn't appear to have a time-lag.

Hard suit[]

Gantz Oka Super Suit by kallerNSG

Oka battles the Nurarihyon in his advanced suit.

In chapter 270, it was revealed than the more advanced Gantz suit is called the Hard Suit. It is a gorilla-shaped suit, with many tentacle-like cables on the back.[14] It is far stronger and much more resistant than the normal Gantz suit. It has a built-in X-ray scanner, a beam weapon that fires out of its palms, and sharp swords protruding out from the back of the elbows. It completely conceals the body of the wearer, leaving no point in which a psychic attack may rip someone apart. The wearer can also unhook their arms from the larger robotic arms so they can use weapons and equipment. In chapter 316, it is shown that a Hunter can use pieces of the suit, such as the arms, without having to wear the entire suit.

Flying Gantz Bike[]

Gantz 271 01-1-

Similar in appearance to the standard Gantz Bike, the flying bike has an additional horizontal black ring around the vehicle.[15] It is a different vehicle, and not just one of the two Gantz Bike each Gantz team has access to, with an added flying ring, as evident by the fact that the Osaka team has its two Gantz Bike seen on the ground, before another member arrives with his flying one.

Gantz Mech[]

Gantz c268 023 mecha

The Gantz mech as it appears in the manga.

A building-sized robot controlled by a hunter on a modified flying Gantz bike. The mech is controlled by the cables on the back of the advanced Gantz Suit while sitting on its "head." [16] It can also move around in stealth mode, invisible to all.

Identical giant robot appeared as an enemy in Gigant with projectile weapons equipped on it.


  • Until an official name was given to the Z-Gun in the manga (although it was already named in the Gantz manual), it was often referred by fans as the "H-Gun," because of its similarities in shape with the letter H and the fact that two other guns are named after letters they are shaped like.


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