Before each mission, Gantz summons over any surviving hunters from previous missions that have not been freed yet, and usually a batch of newly deceased people to join as new hunters as well. The list shows each mission seen thus far, and a list of who was there at the start.

The Onion Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Joichiro Nishi A veteran hunter from previous missions. Enjoys messing with people's heads and watching people die.3 90
Rice A dog. Also a veteran hunter from previous missions.0 0
Kei Kurono One of the main protagonist of the series. A high school student, who gets killed by a train after helping his friend save a bum.0 0
Masaru Kato One of the main protagonist of the series. A high school student, who gets killed by a train after saving a bum. 0 0
Kei Kishimoto Busty teenage girl who arrives naked after committing suicide. 0 0
Goro Suzuki An old politician, died from cancer before arriving. Gantz kills him by exploding his head because he was leaving the "playing zone".died --
Takashi Inamori A teenager nicknamed Blondie. Gets killed by the green onion dad by having his body sliced in half died --
Kiyoshi Yoshioka A Yakuza member, gets killed by the green onion alien dad by having his arm sliced off died --
Hiroshi Hatanaka A Yakuza member, gets blown up from Inamori accidentally shooting him with the X-rifle died --
Masashi Yamada An Elementary School teacher who died in a scooter accident. He gets killed by the green onion alien dad by having his both of his arms sliced offdied --

The Tanaka Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono Forgot his suit at home, but still manages to be beat the "boss" alien. 38 38
Masaru Kato Realizes how to use the Gantz suit, and kills one of the aliens. 5 5
Kei Kishimoto Found out that her real self didn't die, because of Gantz's mistake, she was forced to live somewhere else besides her home, she ends up staying with Kurono. She fights and kills two of the Tanaka aliens. 10 10
Joichiro Nishi He pisses people off before the mission, one guy shooting him and damaging his suit somewhat. Nishi battles one of the Tanaka aliens, and his suit is damaged even more so, he badly injured and then dying before the mission ended. Most didn't help him during his fight, because he was such a jerk.died --
Rice The dog isn't shown on the mission, but does return from it.0 0
Masanobu Hojo A male model, who gets killed when a truck collides with him while he was riding his motorcycle. He fights and kills two of the Tanaka aliens. Gantz makes fun of him, by calling him a "fag" or a "homo", since he is in fact homosexual. 10 10
Sadayo Suzumura Hojo's stalker who gets killed when a truck collides with Hojo's motorcycle while she was riding with him. 00
Tetsuo Nemoto(Zoku Biker Gang leader) Before the mission, him and his gang gets jumped by a rival gang, he gets stabbed and killed during the fight. He survives the Tanaka alien mission. After the mission, Tetsuo tries to use x-gun on rival biker gang members, but since he gets noticed by so many people, Gantz makes his head explode. In the Anime, he also calls out Gantz's name, before his head is made to explode.00
Haruya Numata (Zoku Biker Gang Member 2) Before the mission, him and his gang gets jumped by a rival gang, he gets killed during the fight. Gets killed by the boss Tanaka alien by having his head severed. died --
Kinji Nishikawa (Zoku Biker Gang Member 3) Before the mission, him and his gang gets jumped by a rival gang, he gets killed during the fight. Gets killed by Gantz, by having his head explode because he was walking out of the "playing zone." died --
Kosuke Nakajima (Zoku Biker Gang Member 4) Before the mission, him and his gang gets jumped by a rival gang, he gets killed during the fight. Shoots Nishi with an X-gun before the mission starts, but Nishi's suit absorbs the damage, and Nishi then kills him with his own X-gun. died --
Kayo Sugihara (Ryohta's grandma) On her way back home, she gets killed in a car accident from the same truck that killed Hojo and Suzumura. During the Tanaka mission she gets killed by the aliens by shielding herself to protect her grandson. died --
Ryōta Sugihara (Kayo's grandson) A young boy who died along with his grandma in a car accident from the same truck that killed Hojo and Suzumura. During the Tanaka mission, he gets killed along with his grandma by the Tanaka aliens, despite her attempt to save him. died --

The Buddhist Temple Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono One of the main protagonist of the series. A veteran hunter. After a rough time trying to hook up with Kishimoto, he asks Sei to have sex with him. She agrees and they have sex in the back area before the mission starts. Puts up a great fight in the mission. Able to defeat the Rowdy Alien and with the help of Kishimoto, Kato and Sei. By himself he easily defeats the Super Buddha statue. Towards the end of the mission, he confronts the alien boss Kannon. But Kurono gets his arm and his leg sliced off, he ends up surviving from Gantz's transfer. 8 46
Masaru Kato One of the main protagonist of the series. A veteran hunter. He helps fight the aliens and helps Kurono defeat the Rowdy Alien, and defeats the boss alien. After the deaths of almost all the Gantz members; Kato confronts the boss alien Kannon for the first time, the boss throws acid but Kishimoto sacrifices her life to save Kato. Kato then fights against the alien boss Kannon again, during the battle Kato gets his arm sliced off. Instead of killing the boss, he tried to transfer it away by using the Y-gun. Instead, the boss sheds the outer skin and reveals it's true form. Another battle commences, Kato starts to get easily overwhelmed and is on the verge of dying, by using his last ounce of strength, he takes the sword of the boss and cuts off Kannon's head and a couple of it's arms. Kato is relived that he won, but at the last moment, the boss stabs Kato in the heart with his tail then dies; Kato gets killed. died --
Kei Kishimoto One of the main protagonist of the series. A veteran hunter. She helps in the battle against the Rowdy and Grumpy alien. Finally overcoming her fear, she fights alongside Kato and Kurono. After Kurono gets dismembered from Kannon, Kato confronts the boss alien Kannon. Kannon throws flesh-eating acid at Kato, Kishimoto jumps in the way of the acid to save Kato's life. As she dies, she confesses her love to Kato. died --
Masanobu Hojo A veteran hunter. He fights and defeats some of the smaller buddha aliens in hand-to-hand combat and leads the new Gantz members to fight against Kannon. Once inside the temple, Masanobu defeats some of Kannon's guards in more hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, Masanobu gets easily defeated by Kannon, his body gets sliced in half by Kannon's laser beam. died --
Rice A veteran hunter. He gets killed by the smaller Buddha aliens. died --
Sadayo Suzumura A veteran hunter. She finally shows her face to Masanobu, just before their fight aganist the smaller Buddha aliens. Once in temple she helps Masanobu fight Kannon's guards. As she lays on top of Masanobu, she kisses him when they both get sliced in half by Kannon's laser beam. died --
Sei Sakuraoka Who is a Lara Croft look-alike. Before the mission, Kurono asks her to have sex with him, so she does and they get caught by Kishimoto. During the mission, she helps in the battle against the Rowdy and Grumpy aliens, during the battle she is also impressed by Kurono's courage in his fight against the aliens, so develops a crush on him. After Kurono gets dismembered, she carries him to safety, but they soon get cornered by the alien boss, Kannon. Before her battle against Kannon, she asked Kurono if she can be his girlfriend if they go back home. A skilled marital artist, she fights bravely against Kannon and manages to damage the boss with the acid by kicking the bottle onto the alien. But during that moment Kannon shoots a laser beam through her heart and kills her instantly. died --
Juzo Togo A skilled sniper and saved Kurono by killing the Rowdy alien with a headshot. Not only that, he also killed many of the smaller aliens with multiple headshots. During Kannon's killing of the new hunters, he tries to damage the boss, but Kannon kept regenerating. Kannon found his sniping spot, and shoots it's laser, but Togo managed to dodge a couple of shots. In the anime, it eventually kills him by splitting his body in half with the laser beam. In the manga, he lasts longer, ambushing Kannon by hiding in the Rowdy alien's body. He manages to stab it, and puts it in a rear naked choke before Kannon forces him to dodge the laser. It then cuts off his legs and puts a laser through his head.died --
Akitoshi Okazaki A fat guy with a camouflage shirt and pants with glasses who has an obsession with guns. He fights the smaller aliens and manages to kill some, but one of the aliens' blood possessed him and lured him to the Super Buddha statue. Because he couldn't stop walking towards it, the Buddha statue ate him.died --
Tomashiro "Tomao" Jiro The one with the blue hair. A friend of Konta, he fights the smaller aliens without a suit and surprisingly defeats some. After he found his Gantz suit, he tries to confront the boss alien with Konta. They get easily defeated by getting sliced to multiple pieces by Kannon's sword. died --
Yuta "Konta" Kondo The one with the blond hair. A friend of Tomao, he fights the smaller aliens without a suit and surprisingly defeats some. After he found his Gantz suit, he tries to confront the boss alien with Tomao. They get easily defeated by getting sliced to multiple pieces by Kannon's sword.died --
Kiyoshi Miyafuji The skinny guy with glasses. He mysteriously disappears during the mission. At the final battle with Kato, it was revealed that he was swallowed and possessed by Kannon. He gets killed by Kato when he was alien form. died --
Musō Tokugawa A Buddhist priest who tries to convince the hunters that they're in hell, and is constantly criticizing the veteran hunters. He gets killed by the Rowdy alien by getting his body crushed by it's hand. died --
JJ A black belt martial artist. He fights the smaller aliens without the suit and manages to defeat some. He gets killed by one of Kannon's guards by getting his neck snapped. died --
Shunichi Ike A white-collar worker. He never fights any of aliens and tries to leave. His head gets blown off by Gantz because he left the "playing zone". died --

The Kill Kei Kurono Mission (Filler)Edit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Giichi Furuta A middle aged bookstore owner that has been shown throughout the anime. One night a guy came inside his store and stole his merchandise. Furuta enraged, he chased after the shoplifter but Furuta then got hit by car and got killed. During the mission, Furuta discouraged violence and tried to talk to everyone, he also showed sympathy towards Hajime because he believed that he was brainwashed by Ryuji. After the death of Saito, he realized that Hajime was never brainwashed and that Hajime was just a cold-blooded murder. Determined to stop him, he went to confront Hajime and Mika decided to go with him. Just as he was about to shoot Hajime with the X-gun, Hajime grabbed an uzi and shot off Furuta's arms. Furuta, down on the ground and unable to defend himself, Hajime took a grenade and stuffed it inside Furuta's mouth, and tied a string to the pin of grenade and tied the other end to Mika's neck, so if she moved, he would die. To torture Mika and Furuta, Hajime took a leather belt from a gun and continued to beat Mika to make her move. Furuta, determined to save Mika pulled away from Mika and blew up. Seriously injuring Hajime and killing himself. died--
Ryūji Kajiura A 28-year old cold-blooded murder who enjoyed going bum-hunting, along with Hajime. Before Gantz, he was killed by the police by getting shot up multiple times. He acts cool and collected to fool the other hunters to think he was normal. After Kurono's confrontation with the other hunters, Ryuji was determined to kill Kurono, and thus revealed the murderous side of him. To add to his madness, Ryuji and Hajime took Yoshino hostage and sexually assaulted her. In self-defense, Yoshino took a kitchen knife and cuts Ryuji's forehead. Enraged and determined to end everything, he tries to kill the other hunters. Kurono and Nozaki then confront Ryuji for the final time. Ryuji then takes an assault rifle and tries to kill Kurono, but Nozaki stands in front of Kurono and sacrfices his life to save Kurono. Out of bullets and determined to kill Kurono, he strapped himself with grenades and blows himself up, but fails in killing Kurono. died--
Hajime Muroto A young teenager who is sadistic and a cold-blooded killer. Along with Ryuji, he gets killed by the police by getting shot up. During the mission he tries to play innocent and acts like that Ryuji brainwashed him to kill people when in reality he enjoys killing and feels no remorse. Determined to kill the other Gantz members for no reason he kidnaps Yoshino and sexually assaults her, after she cuts Ryuji, he takes the X-gun and kills Yoshino and laughs while he is killing her. In the fight at the bar, he tricks Furuta to think that he is innocent, immediately afterwards he takes an rpg and kills Saito. He then runs away and shortly after is confronted by Furuta and Mika. He takes an uzi and shoots off Furuta's arms and takes a grenade and stuffs it in the old man's mouth, he then ties a string from the pin and wraps it around Mika's neck. He then continues to torture Mika to make her move so the grenade can blow up. To save Mika's life, Furuta tries to kill Hajime by sacrificing himself, he fails but seriously injures Hajime. With half of his face disfigured, Mika takes advantage to overpower Hajime, but he then shoots her with the uzi. He is then confronted by Kurono, after the fight Kurono shoots Hajime with the y-gun and Hajime gets sent away. died--
Yoshino Uehara Kurono's teacher that Kurono always fantasized about. Before Gantz, she was killed by the wife of a husband she was having an affair with, by getting stabbed multiple times. At first she was going to kill Kurono because Gantz ordered the Gantz members to kill him. She soon then realized that the real enemy was Ryuji and Hajime, as she tried to kill them she got overpowered and kidnapped. She then got sexually assaulted by the both of them. As she lay dying, she confessed to Kurono that she also fantasized about him, by using her last ounce of strength she tried to kill Ryuji by slicing at his throat but she missed and cuts his head. She then gets killed by Hajime by getting shot by the x-gun. died--
Naozumi Saitō A troubled business man who owed a lot of money because of debt. Before Gantz, he was getting chased by the loan sharks; cornered and afraid of what they were going to do to him, he jumps in front of a oncoming train and kills himself. During the mission, he has a hard time trusting anyone and threatened to kill everyone. He was later killed by Hajime by getting blown up by an rpg. died--
Mika Kanda A beautiful young girl who was a regular customer at Furuta's bookstore. She also met with Sei, and got the book she wanted by Sei giving it to her. Before Gantz, she was killed by her stalker, by getting stabbed in the stomach. During the mission she was the only one along with Nozaki who trusted Kurono and believed that Ryuji and Hajime were the enemies. After getting over her fear of getting killed again, she confronted Hajime and tried to fight him after he got injured by a grenade, but Hajime shot her multiple times with an uzi. Despite surviving long enough for the transfer to begin, Mika died in Kurono's arms when Gantz neglected to stop the game clock and transferred the two to the subway platform rather than back to the Room. died--
Daichi Nozaki A young blond teenager with a nose ring. Before Gantz, he saved a little kid from drowning during a storm, when he tried to get back to shore, he got hit by a tree log and dies. During the mission he trusted Kurono, and fights alongside him against Hajime and Ryuji. When he went to confront Ryuji with Kurono, he sacrifices his life by standing in front of Kurono as Ryuji fired his rifle. died--

The Shorty Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono For pissing off Gantz by threatening him the previous mission, he was sent in alone to this one. One alien still alive after the time period, so all points lost, and told to get 15 points at least the next time or he'd die.0 0, time expired, lost all points

The Dinosaur Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono Arrives without his suit 58 58
Shion Izumi Previously released hunter decides to return 16 16
Yoshikazu Suzuki An old man called 'Occhan' 55
Hiroto Sakurai Teenage psychic 99
Kenzo Sakata Adult psychic master 1111
Reika Shimohira Famous Japanese Idol 00
Kouki Inaba Designer 00
Daizaemon Kaze Enjoys fighting 55
Hoi Hoi A panda bear00
Bob Morris Died --
Sean Lewis Died --
Nathan Rich Died --
Michael Combs Died --
Hiroshi Okada Died --
Yujiro Kato Died --
Toshiki Yuki Died --
Rika Shiraishi Died --
Izumi Tatsumi Died --
Akira Nishida Died --
Tetsuo Tamura Died --
Keiko Morino Died --
Miki Oyama Died --
Takashi Otani Died --
Haruko Otani Died --
Masaki Otani Died --

The Ring Alien Mission[1]Edit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono 20 78
Shion Izumi 10 26
Yoshikazu Suzuki 10 15
Kenzo Sakata 10 21
Kouki Inaba 00
Reika Shimohira 1010
Hiroto Sakurai 09
Daizaemon Kaze 10 15
Hoi Hoi 00
Joji Tomioka 0 0
Naoichi Mikawa 0 0
Ryotaro Haga 0 0
Kaoru Iwamoto 0 0
Yoshiharu Ueda Rapist number 5, gets photographed while playing with the controller, getting him killed by Gantz for it died --
Ayaka Uranaka Rape victim who died in car wreck with her 5 rapists 0 0

The Kill Tae Kojima MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono Tae's boyfriend, determined to protect her 0 78
Shion Izumi Determined to do whatever it takes to win 30 56
Yoshikazu Suzuki Old man, joined Kurono's side 0 15
Kenzo Sakata Joined Kurono's side 0 21
Kouki Inaba Joined Izumi's side 0 0
Reika Shimohira Joined Kurono's side 0 10
Hiroto Sakurai Joined Kurono's side 0 9
Daizaemon Kaze Joined Kurono's side 0 15
Hoi Hoi 0 0
Joji Tomioka Joined Izumi's side 0 0
Naoichi Mikawa Joined Izumi's side 0 0
Ryotaro Haga Joined Izumi's side 0 0
Kaoru Iwamoto Joined Izumi's side, killed by Kurono's punch died --
Ayaka Uranaka Joined Kurono's side 0 0

The Oni Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono 57 135, Uses 100 to exit
Shion Izumi Killed after this mission by vampires 70126, buys weapon, 26 points remaining
Yoshikazu Suzuki Known as Old Man 85100, resurrected Katou, 0 points remaining
Kenzo Sakata 84105, Resurrected Sakurai, 5 points remaining
Kouki Inaba 10 10
Reika Shimohira 92 102, Resurrected Tae, 2 points remaining
Daizaemon Kaze 100 115, Resurrected Nishi, 15 points remaining
Hoi Hoi Loving Panda 0 0
Takeshi Koumoto Young boy 0 0
Hiroto Sakurai Killed during mission resurrected 0
Joji Tomioka Died --
Naoichi Mikawa Died --
Ryotaro Haga Died --
Ayaka Uranaka Died --
Office Guy1 Died --
Office Guy2 Died --
Office Guy3 Died --
Nagashima Died --
Tae Kojima Never appears in the room, but is sent elsewhere after being resurrected Not a Hunter --
Masaru Kato Finally able to return to little brother resurrected 0
Joichiro Nishi Back now after 6 months died. resurrected 0

The Nurarihyon Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Masaru Kato Determined to help people instead of hiding like most 100100, resurrected Kurono, 0 points remaining
Hiroto Sakurai 00
Reika Shimohira 0 2
Hoi Hoi 4040
Kouki Inaba Had three of his limbs blown off by Nurarihyon. 010
Yoshikazu Suzuki Old Man 00
Kenzo Sakata Didn't want to be resurrected because he believed this would 'cheapen his soul', this upset Sakurai as Sakurai had recently been revived by Sakata. died --
Daizaemon Kaze 35 50
Hikawa Vampire nicknamed Host Samurai. He tries to work together with the aliens against the Gantz hunters, but he loses a finger to the Youkai swordsmen that kill the Osakan sadist trio. 42 42
Chiaki Vampire nicknamed Kill Bill. Loses her arm because she lets down her guard after the vampires offer a truce to the Youkai swordsmen. 00
Takeshi Koumoto Child arrives on his own, has to fight 26 26
Joichiro Nishi Stealth hunter fights alone as always. He uses a Z-gun he acquired after the Osakans lose to Nurarihyon to inadvertently save Kato, the favor is then repayed when Nishi loses an arm after failing to kill Nurarihyon. 75 75
Tamio Mizutori Died after exiting barrier, heads explodeddied --
Tessyo Hori Died after exiting barrier, heads explodeddied --
Kinpei Hisamatsu Died after exiting barrier, heads explodeddied --
Kei Kurono [2] Revived by Katou after the mission resurrected 0

The Osaka TeamEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Shimaki nicknamed "George" died --
Nobuo Muroya "Nobu" or "Knob-yan", depending on the translation died --
Kazuo Kuwabara A sexaholic who rapes anything with a hole, even aliens. In the fight against Nurarihyon, he tries to have sex with Nurarihyon when it takes the form of a giant woman, but he loses his legs below the kneecaps and his arms below the elbow, he is then carried away by Kato and put in the care of Yamanaka and Yamada who eventually leave him on his own when he requests they have sex with him before he dies. 31 111, chooses freedom
Sanpei Taira Member of the sadist trio died --
Tetsuo Hara Member of the sadist trio died --
Susumu Kimura Member of the sadist trio died --
Miho Yamanaka Girlfriend of Muroya Nobuo 15 102, chooses freedom
Sumiko Yamada 15 101, chooses freedom
Kyou Hanaki Used the Gantz bike and enjoyed injecting heroin during missions. died --
Hachirou OkaPlayed ping pong in grade school and was studying karate through an online class. Had earned at least a total of 700 points on previous missions. After using the equipment at his disposal to defeat the Gyuuki alien, Oka then fights Nurarihyon and forces him to evolve several times before deciding he's too strong. Oka then hides from Nurarihyon, is hunted down and subsequently killed because he is the only one Nurarihyon finds fun. died --
Anzu Yamasaki A pessimistic, yet eccentric 23 year-old single mother who is so intrigued by Kato's constant attempts to save others that she eventually falls in love with him and sacrifices herself by standing inbetween Kato and Nurarihyon. Before she died she made Kato promise to take his little brother and live with her and her son in Osaka when the game is over. died --
Tsuneo Nikaido A 17 year old virgin, who survives the mission with a lot of luck. At the end of the mission He swears that he will revive Anzu. 80 80
Old ManDied --
Old WomanDied --
Small ChildDied --
Osaka1Died --
ImagawaDied --
Osaka3Died --

The Italian Alien MissionEdit

Hunters Descriptions Points earned this mission Total
Kei Kurono Ended up half-dead but transfer saved him. 2nd digit of his points is blurred, only showing it's around 90-99 ~90 ~90 finished
Masaru Kato 65 65, finished
Hiroto Sakurai 0 0, finished
Hoi Hoi Died --
Kouki Inaba Inaba dies valiantly after finally finding the courage to fight when Suzuki dies right in front of him. Upon realising that Suzuki was the only one who ever truly cared for him, he entered a frenzied rage and fought until his dying breath. died --
Yoshikazu Suzuki Died protecting Inaba died --
Daizaemon Kaze 0 50, Finished
Hikawa 042, Finished
Chiaki 00, Finished
Takeshi Koumoto 0 26, Finished
Joichiro Nishi Shot by police at school before arriving 27 102, bought weapon, 2 points remaining
Reika Shimohira Can't stop loving Kurono, determined to make a copy of him for herself. 99 101, resurrects Kurono, 1 point remaining
Hiroshima Guy Died --
Nerdy virgin (Osaka team) Just him and a little girl55135, resurrects Anzu
Anzu YamasakiRevived by the nerdy virginressurected0
Kurono copy Created after the mission, despite Kurono still being alive 0 0


  1. The scores of some hunters are not shown.
  2. Was previously killed by vampires between missions

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