Katastrophe - After the Gantz game is finished, the Earth is invaded by giant aliens... During this arc, we get to know many more hunters, teams:

In chapter 329 Kurono and Reika invited Gantz hunters in Japan to join the Tokyo team and fight against the invading giant aliens, rescuing the captured civilians.

Kei Kurono (clone) Reika Shimohira Masaru Kato Daizaemon Kaze Takeshi Koumoto
Joichiro Nishi Hyouma Takeda Ryuuji Maeshima Mary McLane
Makoto Sekine Kaiji Yoshikawa Toshio Yazawa Virgin-Kun Anzu Yamasaki

Zaibatsu big wigs : a group of Japanese businessmen who hacked some (7 seen) Gantz-balls, so they have full access to most of their funcions.

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