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Mary McClane (メアリー・マクレーン, Mearī Makurēn) is a hunter who responded to Kurono's and Reika's call, to join the Tokyo team and fight against the invading aliens. When Kurono first attempts to greet her, she doesn't respond, prompting him to think that she doesn't speak Japanese. Kurono attempted to speak English to her in order to find out who she is. When he's trying to speak in English, she interrupts him by saying that she's Mary McClane and that she is not foreigner.

Personality and Fighting Style


She seems to be one of the most talkative people of the Katastrophe team. She does not seem to like people assuming she is foreign due to her race & name, she persistantly says she isn't a foreigner, speaks solely Japanese, and speaks it fluently. She is very playful and brave, and also possesses a sense of humour, joking with Kaze and others on several occasions. She has seemingly taken a love intrest in Kaze, when she asked if he was a virgin she kissed and hugged him, declaring him her soul mate, much to the annoyance and embaressment of Kaze and the amusement of others.

Fighting Style:

Mary fighting.

Like Kaze; her self declared soul mate. She uses exclusively martial arts and melee abilities, just using solely her suit. She is extremely skilled in this regard and has killed many aliens using these talents.

She seems to be the most capable and physically the strongest female fighter seen so far in the series. She has monstrous strength, even without the suits strength augmentation. She is fast, agile and perceptive, dodging dangerous spores and alien attacks during the Katastrophe. She was dubbed a monster by Toshio, alongside several other powerful members, proof of her skill and abilities.


She helps rescue the humans inside the ship along with her team. Later on when they are attacked, she stares in awe at Kaze's speed.

She defeats a skeleton alien with her powerful kicks after cutting off its arm with her G-Sword, proving that she is also a skilled melee fighter.

She is seen looking at Kaze, suggesting that she may have feelings for him, due to their shared skills in fighting.

She shows interest in Kaze. Upon discovering that he is still a virgin, kisses him, stating that he is her soul mate.

After the battle finally ends, she can be seen with Kaze and Takeshi greeting Kurono and Kato on the beach.