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Masafumi is one of five new recruits, three of whom he associated with, they were likely co-workers and seemingly died in the same manner. How they died is unknown, he alongside Jouji Morozumi, Manabu Yamaguchi and Houchuu Nagashima join the Tokyo Gantz Team before undertaking the Oni Mission. Kei Kurono convinces them to wear the suits for their own protection saying that they would be able to go home if they did. They change without arguing and Kei warns them about the battlefield they are about to walk into and that not all of them will survive. After arriving in Ikebukuro the four men discuss if they should leave or not but Kei stops them before they can. Reika takes them to find an Oni alien but upon being found out and confronted it transforms, Reika shoots it, taking off its arm. It however is not killed and sprays acid over Houchuu killing him. Reika avenges him by destroying its upper-body but the bottom half runs off, Reika orders them to chase it but they stay behind in disbelief. Surrounded by aliens Jouji surrenders and is killed when an alien vomits acid over him. Masafumi survives with Manabu however he is killed by the Oni boss by it takes the form of Takeshi (another new member) and enters his nostrils and mouth. Although he tried to vomit out the Oni alien is descends from his body, killing him in the process.