Mika Kanda
Race Human
Age 20
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Team Gantz (Tokyo)
Personal Status
Status Deceased (anime)
First Appearance
Anime 01. It's the Beginning of a Brand New Day
Final Appearance
Anime 26. Please Live!
Japanese Kahoru Sasajima
English Monica Rial
Movie Actor/Actress

Mika Kanda (神田 みか, Kanda Mika) is a bookstore designer and hunter during the Kurono Alien mission, featured only in the anime.


Mika appears to be a young beautiful woman




Before she was taken by Gantz, she was on the run from a stalker who had been following her for a period of time. The stalker caught up to her, and when she confronted him, he stabbed her through her handbag as she placed it in front of her stomach for defense.

Mika spoke in defense of Kurono as he was being berated by the others in the Room. It is later revealed that she was present on the subway platform the day that Kurono and Kato rescued the homeless man, and she had witnessed their deaths. It is also revealed that she posesses the copy of Labyrinth which Sakuraoka had reserved at Furuta's bookstore. Mika continues to trust and support Kurono after Kajiura and Muroto go rogue.

Towards the end of the mission, Mika is gunned down by Muroto while attempting to subdue him. After finally defeating Muruto on his own, Kurono held Mika in his arms and with his encouragement, she managed to stay alive long enough for the transfer to start. However, Gantz did not transfer the pair back to the Room, but rather to the subway platform, and as the clock on the sphere continued to count down, Mika's portrait faded, signifying her death.

Kurono carried Mika's body with him through the subway station and was still holding her while in the path of the oncoming train during the final moments of the series. What ultimately became of the two remains unknown.

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