Nakagawa Shun
Gantz ch326 p19
Race Human
Age 14
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans,Giant Aliens
Occupation Pet animal
Personal Status
Status Dead (Poisoned)
First Appearance
Manga 326. Toy Girl
Final Appearance
Manga 328. Transcendence
Movie Actor/Actress

Nakagawa Shun was a Japanese middle school that was captured by the giant aliens and taken in as a pet.

Personality Edit

Nakagawa was an enthusiastic young man. Since he was captured and taken as a pet. Alone with only strange aliens beast as his companions he was unable cope with his situation. Upon meeting Tae he was eager to befriend her. He was still shy about of his nudity, lacking clothes before a girl, he attempted to hide his genitals. However after learning that she was older than him he was slightly disappointed, but wished to take her to take his virginity.

History Edit

In chapter 326, Tae is put in a clear container with various animals and a naked boy named Nakagawa Shun.

In chapter 327, Nakagawa shows her where the toilet and food facilities are.

In chapter 328, he attempts to rape Tae, she screaming for him to stop, and the alien girl picks him up out of the container and tells him to play nice.

His diet of alien food causes him to have violent stomach pains as well as his face breaking out.

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