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The Nurarihyon Alien Boss is the strongest alien encountered in the Nurarihyon Alien Mission Arc. As the boss Oka Hachirou, the strongest Gantz Veteran of the Osaka Team, remarked that it was impossible for him to beat him. 


His first form is that of an old, short man with a large head wearing traditional Japanese clothing. He is balding and has enlarged earlobes. His expression is a scowl.


He is quiet and senseless in the beginning of the mission, showing no emotion at all.

In one of his forms, he becomes talkative, saying things like "I see, I see", "Hoohoo," and "Interesting" while fighting.

Nurarihyon is completely confident in his powers, being very careless when fighting.



Nurarihyon Alien Mission Arc

The Nurarihyon is first seen standing on a high ledge of a building with the Tengu Alien Boss and Inugami Alien Boss. It later jumps down from the ledge, changes into a child, then into a naked adult woman. It jumps into the river, which is packed with aliens, and runs on top of them, smiling eerily. A player shoots it in the right shoulder, seemingly killing it, but it regenerates completely and morphs into a giant bald naked man. The creature gains the ability to destroy whatever it scans with its eyes, and kills huge amounts of monsters. It gets shot to pieces, but not before killing a an Osaka player. Its body is completely destroyed but the head and the eye beams remain. A newcomer Osaka player, Tsuneo Nikaido, attempts to finish it, but is stopped by the other two boss aliens. In his fractiousness, he grabs the head and aims the beams toward the aliens, but they easily dodge it. He runs off with the head, destroying monsters who get in his way. The head suddenly grows arms and tries to kill Nikaido, but is stopped by armed forces. The two other boss aliens appear and while the aliens engage in combat with the Osaka hunters, it reforms its body. Shimaki and Kuwabara decide to challenge the alien and bifurcate it, but it reforms into 4 Nurarihyons. The duo try to kill them, but are unable to hit them. They then meld back into one before Shimaki decides he can finish it off by trying to crush it to death, but then Nurarihyon mutates into countless naked female bodies and completely engulfs Shimaki, killing him. The mass of naked bodies shift to become a massive female body that consists of said naked bodies. It tries to kill Kuwabara but he jumps out and starts having sex with the body that is the nose of the giant. He is then spat out, losing his hands and feet. Kato saves Kuwabara and decides to challenge Nurarihyon. He destroys parts of the creature but it only results in the formation of more bodies. He is almost killed by Nurarihyon when Nishi appears and destroys it with a Z-gun. Everyone thinks its over, but it evolves once again, this time into black behemoth. Nishi turns invisible, but is still attacked, losing his right arm in the process. Nurarihyon then turns to confront the Tokyo team, injuring several of them. Sakata sacrifices himself to buy time for the rest of his teammates. Oka Hachiro promptly appears in his mech to challenge the alien. He jumps out of mech with a hard suit and riding a Flying Gantz Bike. Nurarihyon fights with Oka and subsequently falls into the river. It climbs out onto the bridge and confronts Oka in his hard suit. It gets overwhelmed by Oka and mutates into another creature that has all sorts of animal body parts, from a baby's face to organs to a penis. Oka then blasts that into pieces, when it mutates once again into its original form, but larger. It fights Oka once again, but learns from his moves and even morphs into a hard suit. It then knocks the helmet off of Oka's hard suit and starts overwhelming him. Nurarihyon then destroys the hard suit only to find that no one is in there. Oka appears behind him in his regular suit with a Gantz sword and bifurcates the alien from the stomach vertically. Once again, the hunters think the fight is over, but Oka says it is far from over and leaves. From the body of Nurarihyon, a cluster of black balls rise into the air and scatter at the speed of bullets, injuring the nearby hunters. Nurarihyon reforms into a naked woman with bulging eyes and hair reaching the ground. Kaze jumps into the fray after Takeshi is heavily injured by the bullets. Nurarihyon starts fighting with Kaze and after a few bouts, Kaze deals a blow that destroys its head. Two heads emerge and then Nurarihyon becomes morphs into another form consisting of numerous body parts. The form is destroyed by Kaze's fists and the weapons of the Tokyo team. However, Nurarihyon once again reforms, this time into a grotesque skull monster. It expresses boredom with the hunters and leaves to deal with Oka. It returns by landing in front of Kato, holding Oka's dismembered head in one hand. Nurarihyon proceeds to have a conversation with Kato, saying that opposing God's plans are futile. Suddenly, Nurarihyon gets shot by hunters outside of its area of perception. In its desperation, it starts shooting lasers everywhere. It kills Anzu who sacrifices herself to protect Kato who just lost his feet. Just as Kato is about to shoot it with a Z-gun, Nurarihyon notices him, and is about to beam him to death, but Hikawa bifurcates the alien from the head down. As Nurarihyon tries to get rid of Hikawa while regenerating, Kato finally and truly kills the alien with a shot from the Z-gun.

Abilities and Powers

Superior physicality: Like many aliens in Gantz, the Nurahiyon Alien Boss was immensely powerful, being able to easily tear apart even those fortified by their Gantz Suits. It was able to kill many skilled and experienced hunters, such as those from Osaka and even their best hunter, Oka Hachiro. It is arguably the single strongest alien enemy in the entire series, taking numerous skilled players to finally defeat him.

Weaknesses: In a fight, attacks that he couldn't see and prepare himself for are his weakness. Such as when Oka ambushed him from behind after seemingly dying, or when being bombarded repeatedly from multiple directions.

Regeneration and healing factor: The Nurarihyon Alien Boss possesses regeneration and healing powers second to none in the entire series. It was able to reform itself even after losing its head and getting its body destroyed numerous times.

Shapeshifting: Nurarihyon is able to shape-shift into seemingly anything. The forms it could take on range from a child to a monster consisting of countless naked bodies.

Power and Technique Mimicry: Not only could the alien imitate the Telekinesis, but it could also mimic the fighting style used on him, even going as far as to imitate Oka's hard suit after he defeated.

  • Telekinesis
  • Martial Arts

Lasers: In its giant bald form, Nurarihyon possesses the ability to destroy whatever it scans with its laser eyes.



  • It was said on the Gantz Ball that the alien liked tea and tobacco.
  • Its favorite catchphrase, according to the Gantz Ball, was "Nuraaarihyooon, Nuraaarihyooon."
  • A Nurarihyon is a Japanese mythical creature characterized by a monk with a long head and long earlobes. It is known for being both mischievous and good, depending on its mood.