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Gantz mission consists in defeating the Nurarihyon alien alongside his two minions and several other strong aliens, and it takes place in Osaka. This marks the first time the Tokyo Team is summoned outside their home town.

After arriving, they encounter the Osaka Team who seem uninterested in either cooperating or saving civilians. Most of them just treat the hunt as a game and have fun while killing and raping the aliens.

While Reika states the team shouldn't get involved and tries to convince everyone to just survive, Kato focuses on saving people, even if it is just by himself.

While slacking off, one of the Osaka Team members, Yamasaki Anzu, becomes intrigued by Kato's actions, calling him crazy and stupid. however, she stays close to him and spectates as he keeps saving innocent families caught up in the area. She also takes time to introduce the Osaka Team, and mentions that their strongest member is probably in stealth mode around somewhere.

While the Osaka Team and Kato fight back waves of aliens, the Vampires try to reason and ally themselves with two of the aliens, explaining they are actually not Gantz members. The aliens seem reasonably accepting but end up betraying them. While Hikawa leaves the duel pretty much intact, Chiaki gets badly wounded and her only hope becomes transfer by Gantz.

Meanwhile, Kyo Hanaki and a new player from the Osaka Team find the alien's nest: a swarm of weaker aliens with the 3 strongest ones worth 68, 71 and 100 points. Nurarihyon starts to shapeshift and dance around the weaker aliens, seemingly unaware of the two hunters scouting him, so Kyo quickly decides to snipe him. While seemingly effective, Nurarihyon quickly recovers from the attack, shapeshifts and starts shooting a deadly laser out of his eyes. Kyo retaliates by shooting his head off, but it's still finished by the laser from the dismembered head.

In panic, Tsuneo grabs the head to defend himself from Nurarihyon's minions with relative success. And is able to escape from a huge alien that surfaced from the river. The Nurarihyon regenerates his arms, and starts struggling against Tsuneo, while the Japanese Army arrives and shoots the hunter believing him an enemy.

Kato arrives just in time to defend him and explains to the army that they belong to a special task force, but the Tengu and Inugami aliens arrive at the scene and start killing the soldiers. They are quickly followed by Osaka Team members. While Kazuo Kuwabara and Shimaki deal with them pretty well, Nobuo Muroya gets badly wounded.



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