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The Onion Alien Mission Arc is the first story arc of the series. The arc spans from chapters 1 to 25 of the manga, episodes 1 to 5 of the 2004 anime series. In this arc, we find our main characters being forced to fight and kill the Onion Aliens.


Kei Kurono is a horny 15 year old teenager who is reading a swimsuit magazine while waiting for the subway to arrive. He gets bothered by an old lady and then notices a childhood friend on the platform Masaru Kato, at which point a homeless bum falls on the subway track. Kato notices that nobody is moving to help him, at which point he jumps down at tries to get the homeless man from the tracks. Since he can't do it alone he calls for help and notices Kei who is forced to act and help him remove the man from the track, together they succeed in rescuing the man, however now themselves are trapped on the track and the subway is approaching. It eventually catches up with them, ripping their bodies apart. Apparently killing them, yet right after their body parts hit the the ground and as panic breaks out, they disappear. Kei and Kato however suddenly appear inside a strange room.

Where there is a whole bunch of people who just died, a politician named Goro Suzuki, two yakuza named Kiyoshi Yoshioka and Hiroshi Hatanaka, a teacher named Masashi Yamada, a middle school student Joichiro Nishi, a blond guy named Takashi Inamori and a dog named Rice. They discuss were they are what happened to them, how they died and the fact that they can't get out of the apartment. When suddenly the black sphere in the room starts creating a beautiful young naked woman out of thin air who falls upon Kurono's body. The yakuza the grab her, intending to rape her, Kato however interferes and rescues her, and gives her his jacket to cover up with. While this struggle is going on the strange black sphere in the middle of the room starts playing this song A New Morning Has Come, A New Morning of Hope. On its screen appears a message to go out and kill someone, showing a picture of their target, the Kid Onion Alien. It also opens up and provides them with Basic Suits, three types of guns, and controllers.

They eagerly start examining them before shifting their attention to man inside the Black Sphere. While Kurono grabs the case with his name on it and examines the suit inside. While examining this equipment Hatanaka starts disappearing from the room while he finds himself appearing on an empty street. As everybody starts disappearing, Kurono takes of his clothes to put on the suit but start being transfered before he can do so, while also being caught by Kishimoto, before managing to grab the suit and gun.


Kei Kurono appearing naked behind the others, is asked by Takashi Inamori if he is some kind of fag. Which Kei denies as he goes of to the side to finish changing, meanwhile Rice arrives and as he finishes dressing in the ridiculous cosplay as he calls it they are joined by Kei Kishimoto. Initially they all plan on going home until Nishi tells Masashi Yamada that they are part of a game show and can win ten million yen if they participate and kill the Kid Onion Alien, which Yamada blurts out, Nishi then makes the statement to the group that his father is the producer as he starts explaining the apparent game show, saying they were hypnotized before they were supposedly killed by someone who talked to them before it, making Kurono think of the old lady who talked to him in the station. The Yakuza Kiyoshi Yoshioka, Hiroshi Hatanaka, Inamori and Yamada and even the dog then eagerly run away towards were Nishi tells him the alien, slowly followed by him. Leaving Kurono, Kishimoto, Masaru Kato and the politician Goro Suzuki behind, whom decides to go home. Yamada then finds the Kid Onion Alien and grabs it overjoyed that he found it the other three then join him which scares the alien who gets mucus on Yamada. Meanwhile Kurono, Masaru and Kishimoto are looking up how to get home and Kishimoto talks for the first time asking their names and immediately gravitates towards Masaru which annoys Kurono.

Inamori then figures out they have to shoot the alien with the gun in order to win, he then points the gun at the alien and gets distracted by the X-ray vision on it, meanwhile the Yakuza demand all the guns at get angry when Inamori points it at them. The alien then gets more mucus on them making the yakuza angry who slams the alien to the wall and gets more shit on him which angers him and makes him let go of the alien who then runs away being chased by the four of them. As it jumps away from them it lands right in front of Kurono's group and Masaru helps it up asking it if it is okay, but it runs away as the other hunters coming running towards them and after it. Elsewhere Goro Suzuki steps into a piece of glass and the hears some strange ringing before his location in japan is shown and his head explodes. The others are still chasing the alien and Kato follows suit, leaving Kei and Kei behind.

As they catch up to it they blow up a wall and corner it and all shoot it killing it, as Kato catches up and tells them not to kill it or finish it off. Masaru then questions if it is really a TV Show and gets Yamada to touch the remains which makes him vomit. Inamori states that it wasn't human while the yakuza grab the torso wondering what they must do with it. They then find out that other people can't see them or the alien remains at all, just the broken wall is visible to them. They then wonder if they are really dead as the Adult Onion Alien arrives behind them. It then looks at his sons remains and starts crying and angrily stares at them which pissed of Hatanka who grabs its shirt.

Elsewhere Kurono asks Kei if she can go home alone, he then leaves her and starts walking back towards the others but she comes running back after hearing some ringing and finding Suzuki's body, Kurono then realizes it is dangerous there and grabs Kishimoto saying he will keep her safe.

Hatanaka still stares down the Onion dad which shouts at him and then gets headbutted by Hatanaka who breaks open his own head on the concrete like bone density of the onion alien. The four of them then starts shooting it with their guns, it however doesn't move but grabs Hatanaka's head instead and screams at them in its own language about his son, Inamori then shoots at it on full blast, but the alien blocks the shot with Hatanaka's body, who gets angry about being shot before his torso explodes killing him and splattering them all with even more blood and guts. Onion dad then remembers his son and crushes Hatanaka's skull. This scare them and Inamori starts shooting as does Yoshioka who's arms get grasped by the onion dad and ripped off as Inamori stomach gets ripped open while Yamada is still shooting at it and also gets his armed chopped off. It then looks at Kato ready to strike him but he gets shot by a regular gun several times by Yoshioka who thinks he killed it and dies. Kato looking at all the carnage states he doesn't want to be there, then the Onion dad stirs and stands up in no time. The dying Yamada then imagines an entire TV Crew telling him he is awake now, relieved he looks down to find out it was a delusion and that his arms are gone, he then screams but remember waking up inside the Tokyo room and relieved he dies thinking he will be back there. Masaru then tries to communicate with the onion dad stating he knows how he feels, failing to communicate with it he points the Y-gun hoping it will not kill him but before he can do anything he is attacked and barely dodges it claws, which previously killed two people in one swipe. He then puts the gun to the alien's head wondering if he will survive if he shoots, he then lowers it saying he can't kill it. It then attacks him and smashes him over a balustrade making him fall down a hill.

Kurono meanwhile is still with Kishimoto and they arrive at the sight of the carnage and find the onion dad looking down and the remains of the others looking at it Kurono comes to the conclusion that only the two of them are left. Knowing the alien hasn't noticed them yet, Kurono tells Kishimoto they should run away, he then sees them and starts chasing them, Kurono then notices the girl is gone and see the alien chasing her and he remembering he would protect he gets its attention and manages to get it to chase him instead, while running away from it, it gets hit by a car but the drivers however can't see it nor him, not even when standing right in front of one of the drivers who does notice there might be an invisible person there. The onion dad then stands up and smashes the hood of the car and jumps up after Kurono whom has started running away again. Thinking he will die again Kurono remembers his family wonder if they will be sad when he is gone, he then feels that Kato would be sad if he was gone remembering their childhood together as the alien corners him he remembers how when he was young he got away from a bully in the same situation, he then runs towards the alien and slides underneath him, just like he did back in the day with the bully. He then runs away again. Kato is then seen waking up at the bottom of the hill still alive.

Kurono is still running away from the alien and he learns while he runs to tap into the power of the suit, while wondering if Kato is really dead. He then remember jumping a flight of stair in his youth and using the suit he now jumps over a giant row of steps going up the hill. Which is seen by Kato who was walking towards it, whom exclaims "Awesome". Wondering how he jumped so high, Kurono's had a rough landing, but he is alright. The alien has followed suit and quickly crawls down the stairs and stands menacing before him, Kato remembering Hatanaka's dead hurries over towards Kei as the onion dad is about to grab Kurono's neck, luckily Kato gets up behind him and takes it into a strangle hold, it cuts into Masaru's arms making him release it from his grip. Kato then gets knocked down by it clutching his sliced arm with broken wrist. The alien then grabs Kato upwards and kick him ready to kill him, Kurono sees this and using the suit he gets up and charges at the alien and he manages to grab both its arms without getting injured, Kato meanwhile remembers the deaths of the others and tells Kei to kick its ass. Kurono then breaks one of its wrists and stares it down, it then grabs his head with its other hand as his skull gets squeezed, Kurono cocks back his arm and punches the alien in the gut with all his might, which causes it to release him, Kei then punches it in the face with all his might and he then keeps hitting it trying to take it down.

Thinking he beat it senseless he hurries over to the very wounded Kato, who tries to say it was his fault since he couldn't protect the kid alien, then the onion dad echoes the same statement saying he is sorry and he will give him his onions. A hand with a Y-gun then materializes shooting at the alien, the triangle shot then wraps around the alien and pins it to the ground. A smiling Nishi then steps forwards towards them. Kei asks him if he was, and Nishi responds that he was close by following everything, saying they made it in time and that he will give him the points and that he can shoot it with his gun and to pull both triggers. Kurono asks if it will die if he shoots it which Nishi confirms and he eggs him on to do it, saying he is just like them and that looking at death people makes him happy just like him. Kurono lowers his gun and tells him to fuck off saying he is nothing like him and he walks away.

Nishi then shoots it with the Y-gun and the alien gets transferred away and send up into the sky. Nishi then explains that the Y-gun is for sending and his is for killing. Kurono then asks him if he knows what this is about and Nishi answers he doesn't know everything but he does know a lot more then him. He then explains they will go back to the room and afterwards you will be free to go home. Kurono then thinks about going home and asks if they can bring back Kurono and Nishi states only the living can go back to the room, but that Kato if he is still alive might still survive. Nishi is then send away as Kurono frantically tries to wake Kato up and get him to remain concious. So ends the Onion Alien Mission.


Kurono is trying to wake up Masaru Kato as he is getting send back to the Tokyo room after Nishi is already gone on ahead. As his head appears in the room too he shouts for Kato to come back too, as in the street Kato falls down again as his hands disappear. Kurono cries in the room leaving Kato lying in the street. Nishi tells him it has been a long time since anybody else survived and that he is pretty good. Nishi then tells Gantz that they are back and to start the tallying, Kurono then notices that the dog is being brought back to the room, Nishi tells him it always comes back to the room. A scalp then becomes visible in the room letting them know somebody else survived, we then see Kishimoto appear who is upset at being left alone by Kurono, he tells they can go home. We then see those who didn't survive as their heads explode. Kishimoto then ask were Kato is, but Kurono doesn't reply we then see Kato twitch, followed by his scalp appearing inside the room, which annoys Nishi. Kato as he comes back ask where the Adult Onion Alien is, Kurono tells him it is over, that it is gone and that they can go home.

The black sphere then rings, saying it is time for the points. Nishi repeats the statement calling the black sphere and man inside Gantz, saying he was always called that. The dog then walks to the sphere eager to see how many points it has, sadly it has zero. It then starts giving the points of the others while giving them nicknames with two derogatory statements about them, Kishimoto is called tits and Kato is called Kato-cha both of them get zero points. Nishi is called Mr. Nishi (an obvious sign of respect) and he gets three points, then Kurono retains his name but is called out for being aroused by Kishimoto. Nishi then tells them it is over and that they can go now as he walks away, Kurono calls out to him wanting to know what is going on. Nishi agrees to answer their questions as long as he knows the answers, Kurono starts asking questions but Nishi says he doesn't know since his questions aren't specific enough. Kurono then asks him who he is and why he knows so much, Nishi answers he is an alien, but Kurono sees through it, he then answers he is a middle schooler who has been coming here for an entire year, saying it will happen over and over again just like tonight. He explains that long before he came here people who died were brought here to fight aliens, over and over again till they die and that he has seen many people die and he has survived through it all it then walks up to Gantz telling him to show the people who died, he sticks his wet finger in Gantz ear to make him do so. The sphere then shows the portraits of 220 people whom have died, during the game the bottom portraits show Yamada named four eyes, the yakuza named Yakuza A and Yakuza B and Inamori called blondie. He says they were pretty stupid even compared to others but that Kurono is smart since he recognized the importance of the Basic Suit.

Kato asks him why he didn't tell the other what was going on, saying more might have survived. Nishi answers that when a hunter dies the target lets down its guard making it easier to kill. Kato angrily ask if he was watching them and Nishi responds saying that the yakuza blew up good. Nishi says it is none of his business if people life or die and that Kato is a hypocrite. Kato grabs him and Kei and Kei tell him to hit him, but Nishi unconcerned tells them he is the strongest person here. Nishi says he would have told them more if he didn't get treated this way and then says he will break Kato's arm, Kurono then raises his X-gun saying he will shoot, Nishi calmly responds that his head will then explode, which causes Kurono to target his arm instead. Kurono then tells them there are still a lot of things he wants to know. Kurono asks if they are alive and Nishi tells them they are. Nishi tells them that they weren't saved right before they died, but that he guesses they are copies instead. He then tells him Gantz does things half-assed and that one guy went home once to find out he was still alive. Nishi then turns invisible and walks away, joking he will kill one of them he then warns him not to tell anybody about this, since if they do their head blows up. Finding the appartment door open the head out, as they leave Kurono finds out that the door has closed behind them.

Kato then tells Kurono to give Kishimoto his clothes which he does. Kishimoto then hails a taxi and to their relieved it sees them and stops. They then drive to Kishimoto's house who runs in to put on some clothes and return Kurono's. Kaot then asks her name and she introduces herself as Kei Kishimoto which Kei shouts is the same as his. The taxi then drops of Kurono at his apartment and Kurono wonders if they will meet again. To which Kato answers probably as he goes home too.


Kei Kishimoto returns home to answer the phone to hear her mother tell her she is in the hospital with her. Remembering what Nishi said about copies she is disturbed as her sister Shiori comes home and greets her. In her room Kishimoto cries as she has no place to go, meanwhile her sister answers the phone and gets very confused by her mothers statements.

Kei Kurono relieved he is home calls his mother but doesn't say anything. Kei lies awake thinking it might all have been a dream but he then sees the suit and knows it was all real.

We then see Kishimoto wake up on a public bench with some homeless lecher staring at her, which wakes her up and she runs away from him. Kurono watches the morning news to find out that the accident that killed him and Masaru Kato is in the news. At school his friends ask him about the swimsuit model he was checking out before he died, but he absently remember the mission and Kishimoto's naked body. During the break one of his friends ask for his help paying back some bullies. Later he is lead by one of the bullies called Masatomo Yonekura to the leader of their gang Koji Tachibana. An upperclassmen confronts them but get beaten by them after which Koji gets his tooth for his collection. Kurono stand up to him and thanks to wearing the Basic Suit nothing Koji does to him has any effect, better yet using the suit Kurono nearly breaks Koji's wrist making him back off and allowing his other victims to get away.

As he goes home and is waiting in the same subway station, Kurono remembers his death he further thinks that with this suit he has become invincible. As he arrives home he finds Kishimoto sleeping on his doorstep, she tells him she came to bring back his student book, he invites her in and gives her food and water and she leaves, only to ring his bell again asking for Kurono to allow her to stay in his apartment as a pet, which he does feeling very lucky as he allows her to use his shower. But how long will this situation last and when will this respite end and will they be called back to the room?

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