The Original Kei Kishimoto is the Kei Kishimoto that was left behind when she was copied and transported to the Tokyo Room to be trapped inside the Gantz Game.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tanaka Alien Mission[edit | edit source]

After the end of the Onion Alien Mission and in the prelude of the Tanaka Alien Mission it is revealed that the original Kei Kishimoto survived her suicide attempt and was transported to Yamanouchi Hospital where she recovered and eventually was discharged and sent home to live with her family again who were brought closer thanks to her suicide attempt. She continues living her life ignorant of her copy and its fate.

After her clone is killed in the Buddhist Alien Temple mission, Kei Kurono waits for her near her house and attempts to talk to her. Due to him knowing information about her that he cannot explain, however, such as knowing her name without her telling him, she runs away believing him to be a stalker. He tries to tell her that he knew someone that looks just like her, but when he also says that she had the same name, she says that that is impossible and slams the door on him.[1]

She is later seen looking at Kurono again through the large screens near Tokyo's city centre as he is about to engage in the final battle of the series.[2]

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