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Roman Statue Aliens




Characteristics Very strong
Likes Unknown
Quotes Unknown
Status Unknown, most likeley exterminated just like the others.
Points Unknown
Manga Debut

Chapter 291

Anime Debut


Roman Statue Aliens (????, ?????-Seijin) are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.


This Aliens like the Nurarihyon Aliens were varied and more numerous than previous enemies, they took shape of statues of fine arts, mostly seen in european countries, this creatures also seemed to have a body structure much like humans as when their bodies were blasted and destroyed, beneath their shells were organs and bones much like regular humans.


Set in Italy and believed to be the final mission before the end of the world. It is believed that every Hunter from around the world (Japanese, German, Italian, American, Chinese, etc), possibly thousands, have been gathered for this mission. One of the differences between this and other missions is that the main characters are transferred when the mission has already begun.

The Aliens are all based on the fine arts. The aliens in this mission are considerably stronger than the others, even though they can easily be taken down with any weapon and seem to have no special abilities but the speed and strength of their attacks. The Roman Statue Aliens could easily dispose of the Gantz hunters, even those with hard-suits since a person who used this suit was shown dead, with his suit torn in half, showing no signs of a lasting fight. It is also difficult for the hunters because of the large number of enemies coming from all directions, including the sky.

These aliens take on the form of Roman statues and fine arts: from small cupids to giant statues of Greek gods. They have been the only beings capable of breaking gantz swords

The main characters are able to survive thanks to an unexpected end of the mission, thus being transferred to the room and the Gantz ball showing all the hunters but Nishi displaying the text "finished" and "0 points".

List of Roman Statue Aliens