Ryuuji Maejima
Maeshima Ryuuji
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gantz, Humans
Occupation Alien-Hunter
Team Hiroshima

Katastrophe team

Personal Status
Status Alive(Revived)
First Appearance
Manga 330. Gathering Under The Banner Of Rebellion
Final Appearance
Manga 381. Converging on Despair
Movie Actor/Actress

Ryuuji Maejima (前嶋 龍二, Maejima Ryūji) was a hunter from Hiroshima, who responded to Kurono's and Reika's call, to join the Tokyo team and fight against the invading aliens. He explicitly stated that he is not a fan of Reika and that the reason for joining the fight was because he supports their cause.

Personality and Fighting Style Edit


He is fairly stoic and quiet. He has a deep sense of justice, joining Kei and other members of the Katastrophe team to assist Kei in saving the captured humans. He appears to not have an active interest in women, inadvertently admitting that he is a virgin to the other members which ultimately ends up with him in his silent embarassment.

Fighting StyleEdit

He is a skilled fighter, preferring the use of a sword which he is skilled at using, dispatching many aliens. He also uses the Gantz guns occasionally. The fact he is still alive thus far is a testament to his skills. He seems quite adepts at using close up melee as a last resort, in doing so he was able to keep up with the agile Eeva Gund for a short while, repelling his attempted attacks with his own. Despite this, he was no match.

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