Samurai Yokai Aliens
Samurai Yokai Aliens
Race Alien
Gender Male and Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Aliens
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 252 The Westerners
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

The Samurai Yokai Aliens are the sixth kind of aliens seen during the Nurarihyon Alien Mission Arc.


Above-average height humanoids dressed is feudal Kimonos, the pair both wore their Katanas on them as all times. Both of them sported long black hair, with male Yokai having a pair of horns to go as well.

Their faces (especially the male) is similiar to that of Oni-Masks.


While best described as cheerful, the pair was most often seen laughing joyfully, keeping an attitude of amusement at all times, finding Hikawa and Chiaki's involvement extremely amusing.

While the female samurai would mostly repeat herself using short sentences, the male samurai mostly did the talking. Both of them seemed to use old words and expressions, playing with their theme of Ancient Japan.

The Male samurai also seemed to have an interest in swords, as he briefly asked Hikawa if he could hold his sword.



Nurarihyon Alien Mission ArcEdit

The Samurai Yokai Aliens were first seen during Nurarihyon Alien Mission when the pair encountered Hikawa and Chiaki, though instead of fighting, the two pairs engaged in conversation.

After realizing that the two Vampires aren't ordinary Gantz hunters, they decide to team up and hunt down the remaining hunters. The group first encounters the "Sadistic Trio" from the team Osaka. And while Hikawa and Chiaki deals with Sampei Taira, the samurais make short process of Tetsuo Hara and Susumu Kimura.

When the Sadistic Trio has been defeated however, the samurais betray the vampires by suddenly attacking Chiaki, cutting off her right hand, stating that she had a foul "Stench". The samurais then gang up on Hikawa, promising first to remove one finger, quickly doing so before then promising to carve out his eyes next.

After losing his finger however Hikawa quickly turns the tide, managing to impair and ultimately defeat both Samurai Yokai Aliens, before escaping with Chiaki towards the Tokyo team.

Abilities and PowersEdit

While not that of the Yokai Bosses, the Samurai Yokais seemed a lot stronger than the regular Yokai Aliens, showing abilities prominent enough to even defeat the Sadistic Trio without much effort. They were also shown to have great confidence in their own abilities, being able to take one finger at a time from their opponents.

Being able to communicate with humans, the Yokai Samurais also realized that Hikawa and Chiaki were not average Gantz hunters merely from watching their presence. The pair was also to be able to understand the theory about the Gantz Hunter transmitter.


Male samurai:

  • "Halt. Halt. These hares... they are not our prey. I... I... Who art thou?"
  • (to Susumu Kimura): "Have ye any last words?"

Female samurai:

  • "Disgusting... Disgusting... Hohoho!"
  • "Simpletons... Simpletons... Hohoho!"


  • Their design is most likely based off of the Japanese Oni (鬼) Yokais from Japanese folklore, often depicted as tall ogre-like humanoids with long wild hair.



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