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Sean Lewis (ショーン・ルイス, Shōn Ruisu) was one of the four Americans who got summoned to the Gantz Tokyo room after the Shinjuku massacre. It is unknown how exactly he and his friends died. They were part of the Dinosaur Alien Mission.


Dinosaur Alien Mission Arc

After Shion Izumi appeared in the Gantz room, Sean and his friends were seen searching for a way to get out, and like most of the other new members, Sean did not wear his Soft Suit. Coming off as tourists, Sean and his friends spoke English during the entire cause of the mission, heavily criticizing Japan for being "Crazy," him himself even stating that even America was a lot safer place to be. It is unknown whether the four of them knew how to speak Japanese.

Near the beginning of the mission, Sean and several other new Gantz Tokyo members was attacked by several Velociraptor Aliens , but was saved when Sakurai, Sakata and Kaze intervened.

Sean and his friends were later seen seeking cover when Yoshikazu Suzuki and Kei Kurono fought off the T-rex Aliens on the Gantz Bike. When the Kappe Alien made its second appearance, Sean and his friends jumped in hoping to defeat it, All four of them were however easily defeated, with Sean even breaking his fist simply by hitting the Kappe. The group was saved by Kaze.

When Kurono finally finished off the Boss Dinosaur, Sean and his friends surrounded Kurono while cheering. Before being teleported away however, Sean and several other new Gantz members were shot dead by the Vampire Bosses.


  • "Damn, it's safer in America than it is here."