Shōtoku Aliens
Characteristics Looks like Prince Shoutoku
There are lots of them
Watch out for the ladle
Likes Prince Shoutoku
Quotes "Don't call me Umayado*!" (*Toilet Prince)
'I issue these Seventeen Articles'
Status Exterminated
Manga Debut

Gantz Minus Chapter -0005

Shōtoku Aliens are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.

They only appear in the spinoff novel Gantz Minus.


Prince Shotoku

The painting that the aliens are modeled after.

The Shōtoku aliens come in two shapes which seem to mirror adult and child forms. The adult aliens look like the historic Prince Shōtoku, while the smaller ones look like the children accompanying him in a famous painting.

As opposed to the historic painting, the aliens are all wearing modern clothing. In their hideout, they're naked.


The aliens seem to live casually among the humans, as their first encounter with the Gantz team is within a populated shopping district. They try to fit in by wearing modern clothing, though they seem they seem to lack understanding of fashion (one is wearing a dirty jacket with brand-new bermuda shorts).

They seem to be non-hostile towards normal people, but attack and chase the Gantz team without hesitation.

Whether they understand Japanese or not isn't clear, as they seem to mostly repeat set quotes, the most common being "Don't call me Umayado!" or often just "Umayado!" as they attack.

In their hideout, they're naked and piling up in the rooms 'like a can of sardines'.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The aliens are shown fighting with fists, biting and a ladle as the one Prince Shōtoku is wielding.

The children's punches can dismember a normal human's body, but doesn't harm the Gantz suit.

The adults' ladle attack seems to create a wave of pressure, described as looking like distorting space and possibly creating explosions.


List of Shōtoku AliensEdit

  • Kid Shōtoku Aliens
  • Adult Shōtoku Aliens
  • Boss Shōtoku Alien


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