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The Shorty Alien uses Kurono's weapons against him.

The Short Aliens also known as "The Chibi Aliens", As the name suggests, they were short in height. In this mission, Kurono faced the enemies alone, since all other Hunters were killed during the previous mission and for once Gantz didn't bring in anyone new. This could be because Kurono had pointed a gun at him and threatened him at the end of the previous mission. Kurono grabbed two x-shotguns for this mission.

Kuruno started on an empty rooftop, his enemies on the rooftop of the neighboring building. So he put down his x-shotguns to be able to run and leap over. These aliens were strong, fast, and possessed strong telepathic abilities. In fact, they constantly broadcast their thoughts to Kurono as a method of intimidation and distraction during combat. He found too fast for him to deal with so ran back to the first rooftop.

When the aliens followed him, he found them unable to dodge while in the air, so he was able to use the x-shotguns to kill most of them. Only one held back and analyzed his strategy, after which it nearly killed him by engaging him in close combat. As the time limit was reached, he failed the mission and was teleported to safety. Gantz took away all of his points.

Aside from their physical and psychic abilities, the aliens had fleshy, wing shaped membranes on their back that could wrap around them and morph into the shape of humans as a disguise. This was not revealed until after the mission.

Days later, the only surviving Shorty Alien barged into Kurono's school and massacred everyone in his class but Tae and Izumi. Luckily, Kurono had brought some of his Gantz equipment with him to the school and managed to eventually defeat the alien, by blowing up his head.




  • This is the only incident in the series, where an alien stalked a Gantz Hunter to his life outside the missions.
  • The only mission where one Hunter had to do a mission alone.
  • The Shorty Alien arc was the shortest arc in the Gantz manga series, spanning to 12 chapters(Where the Alien is seen alive through the time of it's defeat.) This was due to the fact that it revolved around Kurono only because at that time he was the only player left alive.
  • The only time when a player's points were subtracted and had to start all over again.
  • Like the Ring Alien mission, no boss alien is found in this mission except massive number of Shorty aliens.


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