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Shorty Aliens




Characteristics Strong, Strong Will
Likes Virtually Nothing
Quotes "I can see into your heart."
Status Exterminated
Points Probably worth 10-20
Manga Debut

Chapter 095

Anime Debut


Shorty Aliens (チビ星人, Chibi-Seijin) are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.



The Short Aliens also known as "The Chibi Aliens", As the name suggests, they were short in height. In this mission, Kurono faced the enemies alone, since all other Hunters were killed during the previous mission. As soon as he realized that Gantz had not recruited any new members, Kurono grabbed as many guns as he could carry. These aliens were strong, fast, and possessed strong telepathic abilities. In fact, they constantly broadcast their thoughts to Kurono as a method of intimidation and distraction during combat. Most of these aliens were killed fairly easily by Kurono, who tricked them into leaping over buildings towards him and subsequently shot them down in mid-air. Only one held back and analyzed his strategy, after which it nearly killed him by engaging him in close combat. As the time limit was reached, he failed the mission and was teleported to safety.

Aside from their physical and psychic abilities, the aliens had fleshy, wing shaped membranes on their back that could wrap around them and morph into the shape of humans as a disguise. This was not revealed until after the mission.

Days later, the only surviving Shorty Alien barged into Kurono's school and massacred everyone in his class but Tae and Izumi. Luckily, Kurono had brought some of his Gantz equipment with him to the school and managed to eventually defeat the alien, by blowing up his head.

List of Shorty Aliens