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Specimen Alien is a human like creature without skin. It has 4 arms an have big medical knowledge.

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After the Tiger Alien Mission Akari brings her Boyfriend Kairi back. But before everyone can go home Gantz starts the next Mission (like the Tae Mission, two Missions in a Row). Gantz's info about the Specimen Alien is that it's strong and likes the human body. It kills nearly all the gantzers also Akari and her Boyfriend while they are teleporting. His Goal is it to get Human Skin to kill Kei Kurno before he enter the gantz Room. He also shows Izumi his future where he dies at the hand's of Hikawa. Ooki can defeat the Alien with the Y Gun in the End but the Alien say at the end his victory will amount to nothing god is watching and the Katastrophe is coming. The only survivors are Ooki (who get's 100 Points and chooses not to revive Akari at her own request and instead takes option Nr 1), Nishi (who from this point on would go into nearly all of his missions into stealth mode) and Izumi (who becomes the leader and tries to prevent his death but after nearly dying in the Shinjuku hunt and getting 100 Points chooses to free himself).

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Trivia Edit

  • Alien knows abut the katastrophe
  • knows about Izumi's demise, Kei Kurono and possibly other events as well
  • It's very sadistic
  • Uses the skin of Akari's Boyfriend to kill her
  • The Aliens in the room of truth have a somewhat similar appearance and can see into the future
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