Returning from the Italian mission, the teams finds that Suzuki, Inaba, and Hoi Hoi are all dead. They try to revive the old man, but there is an error, and fail.

Everyone leaves, but Reika returns, remembering she left her clothing. She finds Gantz is now out of his sphere, naked, and standing there in the apartment. He asks her to repeat the name of the person they were trying to revive, and she decides to bring back Kurono.

In issue 298, in tears, she explains to Kurono she just couldn't stop loving him, and asks him to move in with her, offering to take care of him. He is angry, saying he can't stop loving Tae, but seeing the other Kurono go to visit her, decides he has to give up on her.

As of now, the world is seemingly coming to an end, the strongest military nation on earth(America) has been defeated by an unknown entity as the whole world watched in horror. The sky turned red, and the Gantz team players are the only ones on earth that know this is the end, they prepare for the horrors and disasters to come. The final mission starts!


During the attack, Gantz players who thought themselves finished with this, were transported into the fray. They saw a group of people who had taken control of and opened seven spheres similar to the one Gantz uses. One of the individuals protested being drawn into another battle claiming he and the others had been set free. Those that joined him in complaining were eventually killed.

Everyone was sent to battle the aliens in what appeared to be their own world, and then returned. They then randomly sent them away, to various places, refusing all request to send them back to where they got them from. The alien attacks had continued while they were gone.

Tae was captured by aliens, who took her away in a flying cage. Along with others, she is hit by the aliens with a solution that dissolve all of their clothing, and then driven forward. They find humans are hung up like livestock after being butchered there. Tae meets a strange man that helps her get to a safe area, where there is an exit. Others find their way there as well. When asked why he is helping her, he claims its because he is a lolicon(someone attracted to young girls).

Kurono gets captured so that he can follow her. The dissolving fluid has no affect on his Gantz suit or the H gun he is carrying.

Tae makes it out with a group of others, and they find the giant aliens everywhere. Everyone else is killed but her, she captured by an alien girl who thinks she is adorable and takes her home as a pet.

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