Tachibana's Gang
Tachibana's Gang
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga 23. Normality
Final Appearance
Movie Actor/Actress

Tachibana's Gang is a group of teen bullies in Kei Kurono's school who extort and beat up their fellow students for personal gain and entertainment value.


Onion Alien Mission ArcEdit

They are revealed as a group of teen bullies who rule the dark side of Kei Kurono's school who supposedly have connections with the Yakuza. Their leader is Koji Tachibana.

They are seen violently attacking other students, and demanding money from Kurono before being stopped by the latter himself.

The gang includes during the onion alien mission: Koji Tachibana, Masatomo Yonekura, Long Haired Gang Member, Bald Gang Member, Beanie Wearing Gang Member, Hat Wearing Gang Member and Fetching Gang Member.

Shorty Alien Mission ArcEdit

At the beginning of the shorty alien mission arc we see them again this time three more member are shown Black Member, Head Scarf Member and Cap Wearing Member.


Tachibana's Gang
Koji Tachibana Portrait Masatomo Yonekura Portrait Long Haired Member Portrait Bald Member Portrait Beanie Member Portrait
Koji Tachibana Masatomo Yonekura Long Haired Gang Member Bald Gang Member Beanie Wearing Gang Member
Hat Member Portrait Fetching Member Portrait CMportrait HSportrait BMportrait
Hat Wearing Gang Member Fetching Gang Member Cap Wearing Member Head Scarf Member Black Member
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