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The Tanaka Alien Eggs (, ?) are the embryonic state of the Tanaka aliens, how they are laid is not known.


The Tanaka Alien Eggs are embryonic Tanaka Aliens. They are 8 cm tall eggs with a width of about 5 cm, they are either white or purple in colour in the anime and in the manga they might have been intended to be green. The egss have a strange line in the middle like they are some kind of toy eggs, even so the line has no influence on how the Hatchlings are born as they just normally crack the eggs from the inside.


They are Tanaka Aliens (real name of race unknown) they are members of one of the alien species that fled a dying star system, starting 30 years ago. They have been laid here on earth by other Tanaka's that might been raised watching the actual Seiji Tanaka in the seventies when Tanaka had a bit of real fame in japan and even abroad. They literally litter the entire Tanaka Hideout.


Tanaka Alien Mission Arc

The Tanaka Alien Eggs are first seen in the lair of the Tanaka Aliens in a small tatami covered room in front of a television with a recording on it of the actual Seiji Tanaka singing a song while surrounded by a bunch of kids, there are hundreds of them some of which are starting to come out. In the anime they are seen across the building and in the bag of the Shopping Tanaka Alien because in the anime for some reason some of their eggs if not all were concealed as Chocolate Eggs and sold at convenience stores, to be bought by the Shopping Tanaka Alien right before they would come out. They are next seen in the manga surrounding the Tanaka Aliens' Boss. Later Kei Kurono shoots out the first floor of the building they are in and it collapses during which it is assumed all of them were destroyed.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the anime the suggestion is made that they need to be purchased from random store a supposed toy eggs.



  • How they are laid is sadly unknown.