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Chapter 026 - Chapter 055


Episode 5 - Episode 14

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The Tanaka Alien Mission Arc is the second story arc of the series. The arc spans from chapters 26 to 55 of the manga, episodes 5 to 14 of the 2004 anime series. In this arc, we find our main characters being forced to fight and kill the Tanaka Aliens.


Kei Kishimoto is having a shower at Kurono's place as Kurono excited by having a hot girl stay at his apartment goes out to buy condoms and Jump. He comes back to find Kishimoto fully dressed and drying her hair. He disappointingly starts reading Jump and is surprised when Kishimoto asks to sleep in the bed with him. He goes to lie in bed next to her and tells her he wants to have sex with her but she refuses, Kurono insist and feels her up but is stopped as she tells him that all her scars are gone from her body and Kurono notices his scars are gone too.

At West Fukasumi Technical High School a nerdy student is being bullied by a group of ruffians whom stop as Masaru Kato approaches them. They then plan on the toilet to get Masaru and beat him up, they find him playing shogi with all the nerds of the class and call him out, telling him that afterschool they are going to jump him. Before they get the chance Masaru walks into their toilet and beat up the biggest of them. Elsewhere Kishimoto is showing Kurono that she is a clone and that Original Kei Kishimoto is still alive. Back at his apartment she tells Kurono she is relieved for she has felt that she was living her life for her mother and now there is another version of her to do so. She then yells out she is in love and to Kurono's dismay tells him she is in love with Masaru and he tries to tell her it was him whom defeated the Adult Onion Alien. We then see Kato being scolded by his aunt and told to watch the house, meanwhile Kurono offers Kishimoto a massage and Joichiro Nishi shoots a cat with the X-gun. They then all get a tingly in their back and they all get frozen in place. Nishi gets frozen in the street, Kato while doing the dishes and Kurono gets frozen as he was starting to fondle Kishimoto's tits, at which point he is transported into the Tokyo room coming face to face with Nishi whom is already there.

We then see a motorbike gang harass and bully a father and son, forcing the son to take down his fathers pants. The leader then returns home to play with his infant son, before leaving to gangbang some chick with his mates. Its a trap however and a rival motorbike gang shows up and kills the four of them. Sending them to the Tokyo room. Elsewhere a former model Masanobu Hojo is being stalked by a scary long haired girl named Sadayo Suzumura who manages to get behind him on a motorbike. They get stuck in traffic in front of a car with a grandmother and grandson in it, this car is then hit by a sleeping truck driver killing the four of them and sending them to the Tokyo Room. The bikers and the other check out the room trying to leave and the bikers then demand to know what is going on. Masaru then stands up to tell them as much as he knows which angers Nishi whom tells him to stop. But he continues regardless, he however is not believed by the bikers. The Black Sphere then starts playing it song before opening and showing them their target, leading to the bikers checking out the guns. Kato then tells them to put on their suits as Kurono finds his suit gone. Two of the bikers then spy on the changing Kishimoto as the dog Rice comes running up trying to lick her snatch. Kato then forces the bikers to come back to the room where Nishi finds out that Kurono doesn't have his suit and declares him a confirmed death man.

Kurono then tries to get the bikers leader Tetsuo Nemoto's suit who gets angry and tells him he will wear it. They then discuss the fact that Kurono doesn't have a suit and Nishi tells them there is nothing he can do. Then the bikers start pointing the guns at each other then one of them shoots a Nishi and nothing happens, Nishi however retaliates with his own gun killing the guy who shot at him. He then warns the others before being send out of the room by Gantz. Kato then promises to keep Kurono safe as he is sent out of the room in front of a truck which misses him after which he sees the Shopping Tanaka Alien approach him, meanwhile in the room he is fumbling for a gun and Kishimoto gives him one. He then faces the alien which passes him without a glance, but when he points his gun at it, it turns its head. As the others are send out of the room the alien starts following Kurono whom meets up with the others still being transfered. Then after they all come face to face with the alien, an invisible Nishi shoots one of its hatchlings starting the mission against the Tanaka Aliens.


After being transported out of the room, Kei Kurono encounters the Shopping Tanaka Alien which starts chasing him after two Tanaka Alien Hatchlings had climbed upon Kurono and he tried to shake them off. Kurono leads it to the other hunters whom remark that it doesn't look anything like an alien. Then an invisible Joichiro Nishi shoots one of its hatchlings. Which angers the alien whom shoots an energy blast at Nishi which renders him partially visible. It the shoots another blast at Nishi whom jumps of the bridge they are one to get away from it, the alien however flies after him, attacking all the while. Nishi tries to shoot at it but it dodges and goes into the water leading to a fight between the two in the water. A fight which Nishi starts to lose as he is first made fully visible, then his suit is disabled and he is beaten to the ground making him shout out for help after managing to knock the alien away from himself. The bikers however laugh at him and tell him to die. Kurono tells him he was the one whom said they weren't partners, Masaru Kato gets up on the railing while asking Kurono how the suit works in order to help Nishi. Masaru then jumps down towards Nishi whose eyes get blown up by the alien. Kato facing the alien wonders what to do as he is told to shoot it making him use the gun for the first time. Meanwhile Kei Kishimoto is about to follow him, but Kurono stops her telling her he will go. Kato shoots at the alien while trying to save Nishi and gets annoyed at the delay of the gun. The alien then comes after him, forcing him to abandon Nishi, Kurono then shoots at it with the Y-gun but it dodges by flying beneath it and closer to Kato whom it is now attacking. After a struggle in the water, Kato gets his arms around the alien and starts squeezing it. Elsewhere the bikers and Ryota Sugihara try to run away from the Game Area and Kinji Nishikawa's head gets blown up for leaving it. Kato then crushes the alien to such an extend it breaks open revealing that what we saw was just a cybernetic shell for the actual alien. Which turns out to be an anthropomorphic bird which starts screaming in strange sounds as Kurono shoots it and captures it with the Y-gun. Kurono then sends it up and notices that the others have come back. Kato then takes the shell out of the water and looks for Nishi. He then questions the dying Nishi after pulling him out of the water as they wonder why they aren't send back to the room. They then deduce it isn't over yet and look for the radar finding out Nishi's is broken Masanobu Hojo shows his and they find out there is one more. Nishi then starts screaming out for Gantz and his mother saying he was almost free and he dies. The bikers then get angry at the Sugihara's. Kato then raises his voice telling them all to listen to him as he tells them if they want to leave they should try to get the points after some more discussion, Kato tells Kurono to stay where it is safe as he leads most of the other away. The two remaining bikers stayed behind and force Kurono to hand over his gun, he resists and gets beaten down, allowing him to grab and conceal another gun as he is forced to start walking in front of them.

Kato alongside Kishimoto, the Sugihara's, Hojo and his stalker Sadako are looking for what they think is a second alien as two aliens approach them one from either side. These are then joined by a third one from the sky followed by one more on either side. This Flock of Tanaka's comes to box them in, but Kato quickly tackles the one nearest to him, to the ground trying to squeeze it out of its shell. This makes the other four gang up on him. Kishimoto then tries to shoot one of them but gets blown away by its energy shot. The Sugihara's then run away from them as Kato manages to squeeze the alien out of its shell which starts running away, Kato breaks free from the other four Tanaka's to chase it which he does, defeating it by hitting it down to the ground. The other four then prepare to fire upon Kato but Kishimoto manages to shoot one of them while Masanobu Hojo grabs a second one to try and force it out of its shell which he does making the other two fly off. These two Tanaka's chase down the Sugihara's. Kayo Sugihara then tells her grandson Ryota who took his suit of the pee, to run for it which he does. But as he is unable to get help he returns to find his grandmother deadly wounded he goes up to her and she comforts him as they are both killed by the Tanaka's. Meanwhile the Tanaka forced out of his shell by Hojo tries to climb back into its shell and dies in the process. Kato then realizes the ones whom flew of went to chase the Sugihara's. Elsewhere Kato is forced by the bikers to go into an empty apartment, he quickly comes back only to be forced to check out the second floor. On the second floor he finds himself in the middle of their lair being surrounded by Tanaka Alien Hatchlings and the Apartment Tanaka's as a door opens opposite him revealing the Tanaka Aliens' Boss surrounded by Tanaka Alien Eggs. Kurono then wonders if he is going to die while looking at the back of the Boss alien. The apartment Tanaka's then start calling for Yuzo and Kurono tells him he is Yuzo, two hatchlings then start biting his neck and he tries to put them down on the ground but then when trying to back out of the apartment he accidentally starts to step upon one of the hatchlings. This causes the boss to angrily look around, stand up and confront Kurono by literally looking down upon him while he is surrounded by six other angry Tanaka's. Kato, Hojo and Kishimoto find a Tanaka which has been overrun by a car. Outside the remaining bikers wonder what Kurono is doing. Kishimoto tells Kato to stay put since he suit has become useless while shhe and Hojo will deal with the two whom flew off. They quickly find them and after releasing several shots upon them they get blown up and defeated. Kato who followed them then checks the Sugihara's and finds out they are death. Back in the apartment Kurono is being intimidated by the Tanaka Boss whom he then threatens to kill by putting his gun to its head. However when he is forced to shoot it dodges, Kurono then shoots at the floor and walls while all the Tanaka's fire energy blasts upon him. He then falls through the floor and manages to run out of the building which collapses in on itself seemingly killing all of the aliens inside. Kurono overjoyed with still being alive shouts at the building took you down bitches. Kato, Kihsimoto and Hojo then meet up with Kurono and the bikers and Kurono tells them it is over. Haruya Numata then asks him what he did but before he can get an answer the Tanaka's Boss lifts him into the air and kills him by literally biting off his head.

It then lands in front of Hojo and looks down on him angrily before noticing Kurono. It then charges at Kurono who runs away from it as Hojo tries to stop it and it thrown aside. It grabs Kurono around the shoulder and lifts him high into the air it then tries to bite of Kurono's head but Kurono dodges its beak. It then tries to rip Kurono apart by grabbing Kurono's leg, whom responds by trying to shoot it but it dodges the shot. Kurono then stuffs the gun away and pulls out the Boss alien's breathing apparatus making him tumble down and drop Kurono whom will falling manages to shoot its head off, killing it. Kurono injured but still alive falls on a rooftop. He then asks to be helped down as the survivors are send away back to the Tokyo room. So ends the Tanaka Alien Mission.


Tetsuo Nemoto, Masaru Kato, Kei Kishimoto, Masanobu Hojo, Sadayo Suzumura and the dog Rice have been sent back to the room already as a the Kei Kurono which was running away from the Tanaka Aliens' Boss gets transported back to the room. Kishimoto is glad Rice is still alive while Masaru wonders why Kurono doesn't remember defeating the Tanaka Boss. Masaru then comments that they lost a lot of people. The scoring then starts with Dog (Rice) getting 0 points as Masaru explains the scoring to the new members, we then see Titz (Kishimoto) getting 10 points, Kato-cha (lol) getting 5 points, Sadoko (Sadayo) getting 0 points and being told of for following homo making Kurono wonder who homo is. Then Homo (Hojo) gets 10 points making him angry as he tells people he isn't gay and Tetsuo calls him nasty and Kato moves away from him while Kishimoto comes to his defense. Then Freak Parade No. 1 (Tetsuo) gets 0 points and finally Bitch (Kurono) gets 38 points which impresses the others.

They then find the door of the apartment open and they leave with Kurono wondering where Rice goes. Masaru then tells the new people that withing some days they will be called back to the room again. Kishimoto then asks him about his living situation and is disappointed to learn he lives with his aunt. She then resigns herself to going home with Kurono. At Kurono's she keeps on talking about Kato which pisses Kurono off who gets angry and tells her that she wants to live with Kato to which she agrees saying she will leave which she does. After a while he regrets it and tries to chase her but she is gone.


Back at school Kurono's class rearrange their seats and Kurono notices a pretty girl but gets disappointed when he finds out she has a boyfriend. We then see him play basketball being annoyed at the fact nobody is cheering for him. Then back home he think about how he has never felt more alive then when he was fighting the aliens making him wanna go back to the Tokyo room as quickly as possible.

Elsewhere Tetsuo Nemoto is fucking his wife Haruko who finds the X-gun and points it at him making him angry. He then leaves the house and tries to kill a cat with it. He then starts playing with the gun and calls Mr. Iwaki a loan shark and shows him the gun but instead of paying him with it, he kills him. Thinking he is the strongest man alive he goes with the gun to confront the rival biker gang but the moment it matters most the gun refuses to work and he is killed by them for a second time.

Story Impact

  • Two secondary characters are introduced Masanobu Hojo and Sadayo Suzumura.
  • Masaru Kato and Kei Kishimoto kill their first aliens and get serious about the missions.
  • Kato takes a leadership role onto himself as he starts directing the other hunters after examining what exactly the point of the game is after Joichiro Nishi's death.
  • Joichiro Nishi dies on this mission after surviving dozens of missions on his own.
  • Kurono shows his incredebly will and sense for survival for the first time as he manages to take out the most amount of aliens even though he wasn't wearing a suit.

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