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Hiroya Oku revealed in an early issue how he created Gantz using various programs, and assistants. In the official Gantz manga, and various interviews done, including one of the Japanese version of the Poser website, information about the software and techniques used is revealed.

Overview of the process[]

  1. Hiroya Oku draws up a rough draft known as the "name".[1]
  2. His assistants create 3-D models on the computer based on the sketches.
  3. He then uses that as a backdrop to draw the actual art on top of.
  4. Once all the character art is penned, it is scanned into the computer. This caused the lines to thicken and mess up the balance of edges and contrast, so the 3-D computer created backgrounds are reduced to simple lines.
  5. Character and background art is complete, and tone is added.
  6. Then the sound effects and text bubbles are added.
  7. The image is printed out and they discuss the finishing touches.

Programs used[]

Macintosh computers are used, along with the following software:

  • Shade
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Poser

Assistants used[]

Computer group[]

  • Ishiue
  • Umetani
  • Sekino

Character group[]

  • Hanaoka


  1. at the end of Gantz issue 10

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