(็Ž„้‡Ž ่จˆ)

Debut 114. Interogation
(Current) Final Appearance 319. Teared Life
Seiyu None
Voice Actor None
Age  ???
Current Status Deceased
  • Unknown

A girl Sakurai meets after he murders those bullying him at his school, the two met online and but decided to meet in person. They find an interest in each other and have begun dating.

Tonkotsu also knows Sakata, they don't show together too much, but they seem like friends, probably due to Sakurai being a mutual friend.

Tonkotsu also gets kind of involved in Gantz related cases, without actually knowing about Gantz. She meets Sakurai in Shinjuku [She also meets Sakata a few minutes later] at the same day Izumi makes his threat come true, starting a massacre in order to go back to Gantz's room. While the three of them run away, she falls and sprains her ankle, telling Sakurai and Sakata to keep running and she'll play dead so they won't worry about her. Sakurai refuses and instead of running, decides that he should try and stop the killer along with Sakata, indirectly making Tonkotsu responsible for their deaths and entrance into the Gantz game.

Sakurai also decides to spend the last week before the apocalypse with her, without her knowing about it.

Tonkotsu knows about Sakurai killing the ones who bullied him, and tried to stop him before doing so. Even so, she tries to make Sakurai "pay his debts" by saving other people's lives. She shows him an article about a serial killer that the police haven't found yet, they try to find hints using Sakurai's psychic abilities, but no luck. They both finally decide to go home, when Tonkotsu notices that she is being followed by the serial killer. She calls Sakurai who comes to help her while she tries to drag time. As the serial killer corners Tonkotsu, Sakurai arrives. He asks the murderer why he kills people. The killer states that he doesn't care about the people he kills and doesn't regret killing them. Sakurai then pauses and asks the killer if he has dreams about killing people. (the same dreams that Sakurai himself has been having). After the killer answers "Yes, I dream, but wet dreams" Sakurai decides to injure the serial killer's genitals, to make sure he won't have those wet dreams again. Sakurai and Tonkotsu leave after they call the police to capture the serial killer.

In Gantz 319, it was shown that Tonkotsu was killed after Sakurai was transferred away from her, and before he got back to her.


  • Her name is taken from a type of ramen that has usually a cloudy white colored broth.
  • It has been hinted that Tonkotsu has had sex with Sakurai. After the Osaka mission, Gantz refers to Sakurai as "Not a cherry anymore". When Reika asks what that means, Sakurai blushes and says "nothing... nothing at all!" This implies that Sakurai lost his virginity to Tonkotsu.
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