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Hello, My name is Enclave 13 but please call me enclave. I enjoy Gantz cause of the gore, action, all the sexy girls, and the story itself. I first heard of Gant through another anime in the preview secton of the dvd. I am currently looking for Vol. 11. So far I enjoy the story line. I wish I could meet Hiroya Oku In person. He seems like an interesting guy.

My Take On Gantz

I think Gantz is a beutiful series because of the character development. The character seem alive and not like ink people. The plot is great, All the alien hunting, the gore, the sexiness, Me. I just really Enjoy reading Gantz. It keeps me wanting more. I hate only buying 1 or 2 volumes at a time but I try to limit myself.

Always Remember

-Hapiness is a chocolate helicopter

- I love Gantz

- I am what some people say "eccentric" ( I don't think I spelled That right)

- I will gladly help with a project or page, just ask me.