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GroupvampsA group of vampires surround Kurono just as Izumi disapears
Debut 158. Black Clothing
(Current) Final Appearance Ongoing
Seiyu None
Voice Actors None
Age Range 14+
Current Group Status Active
Known Vampires

The "Vampires" are enemies of the Gantz game's participants, whom they refer to as "Hunters". They have worked with aliens to attack the hunters during missions, and have also attacked some of the hunters outside of missions. Kurono's younger brother, Akira Kurono, was one of them.

The vampires are a result of numerous nanomachines within the human body, giving them super-human reflexes and strength.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Items[]

  • They have special sunglasses and contact lenses to see hunters on different frequencies.
  • They can spawn weapons from their bodies. It's possible that these are made from the nanomachines populating their bloodstreams; however, no explanation is offered, leaving the issue to conjecture. So far, handguns and swords have been shown.
  • Vampires are able to survive on a regular human diet, but get weaker and have a bat-wings-shaped eczema on their back if no human blood is consumed.
  • The UV radiation found in sunlight is lethal to the vampires, though Akira claims some of the vampires take some special medicine that makes them immune. He explains that this is very uncommon due to the exorbitant cost of the drug.

Second Phase[]

At the start of the Second Phase of the manga, two vampires, Hikawa and Chiaki (whom Gantz nicknames Host Samurai and "Kill Bill") latch onto Reika and Suzuki during a fight between the Gantz Team and the vampires, transporting them back to the room and thus making them members of the Gantz Team, down to the cranial implants that detonate if any exiting the playing field.

After being sent to the Osaka mission, they killed some members of the Osaka Gantz team, siding with the aliens. They found an alien leader to speak to and explain things to, but the aliens decided to betray them, forcing them to fight them.

At the end of the Nurarihyon mission, the vampire boss, Hikawa, receives 42 points, and his partner Chiaki receives none


  • Although the vampires have agents and warriors all over Japan, their numbers and strength have dropped over 40%, due to the fact that 3 of the 4 bosses have died. Numerous vampires were killed by Izumi and Kurono. The vampires' alliance with the aliens has been severed since the Gantz team has killed most of their alien allies.