We're After You




Japan Air Date

2004 May 18

Adopted from

Chapter 023-Chapter 029




Tanaka Alien Mission Arc

Opening Song

"Super Shooter" by Rip Slyme

Ending Song

"Last Kiss" by Bonnie Pink

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We're After You (狙ってるぜ, Neratteruze) is the seventh episode of the Gantz Anime.


We see Kato and his younger brother being denied food from their aunt. When he asks for food, she attempts to hit him, but he stops her arm and takes a stand against her. He asks if his younger brother can have food, and that she needs to stop hitting him. When taking him to school, Kato reflects upon this and still maintains that he is a terrible brother. Kei and Kishimoto visit a local shop, wherein Kishimoto asks Kei to buy a lot of food. She continues to claim that she doesn't deserve any of it as she is still his 'pet', but he tells her that he doesn't mind and goes to buy the food at the checkout. To his surprise, the woman at the checkout is the same woman as the one who appeared in the first episode asking him which way a certain station was, just before his accident with the train. In shock, he runs out of the shop without paying. Back at his apartment, Kishimoto asks Kei about school, regretting the fact that she cannot go to school. She asks him if she could meet him on the way home to see her old home one last time, and Kei agrees. Kato, meanwhile, stands up against some bullies at school who are picking on a friend of his. We see the bullies plan to beat up Kato after school, with a much bigger, older bully also appearing. He expresses his intent to rape him rather than beat him up. Kato is told by a classmate of this plot, and he chooses to meet him directly, walking right into the toilets and beating up the much larger bully. While doing so, he imagines the face of his aunt in his place, venting his anger. In a book shop, we are introduced to Hojo, an attractive young man who is apparently being stalked by a mysterious girl. Kei accompanies Kishimoto to her former home, and she cries as she sees that Nishi was telling the truth; their former real-world positions have been replaced.

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