Welcome Back




Japan Air Date

2004 September 23

Adopted from

Chapter 064-Chapter 068




Buddhist Temple Mission

Opening Song

"Super Shooter" by Rip Slyme

Ending Song

"Last Kiss" by Bonnie Pink

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Welcome Back (おかえり, Okaeri) is the eighteenth episode of the Gantz Anime.


The team, invigorated by Kei's victory, go after the red statue. Three people rush to it, but Kei darts past all of them to get to it first. The red statue appears to be significantly more powerful than the green statue. Kei takes out one of its legs, but it remains standing. He jumps onto one of it's arms and blasts it off as the team watch in awe. The red statue grabs Kei with its other remaining hand as he jumps off the arm he just destroyed and tries to crush him in its hand. The team do little but watch as is tries to kill Kei - all except for one man, a sniper on the roof, who shoots first its head and then the arm holding Kei. The man had lied in wait, forgotten until this moment, but Kei is free thanks to him. Kiyoshi Miyafuji blasts away at the dead alien, laughing as he does so, and the team regard him with disgust. Sakuraoka welcomes Kei back and asks him if he will go out with her once they are back. With a quick glance at Kishimoto, he agrees somewhat unenthusiastically. He then begins to get annoyed at the rest of the team holding him in such high regard. Meanwhile, two other men from the team leave the temple area to see another smaller statue jump down from a rooftop. One man attempts to take it on while the other watches and the dog who has followed them. Then through barks starts to alert the others to its presence at which time many more statues begin to emerge.

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