Yukichi Yamada

Yukichi battles Izumi using his suit's invisibility.

Debut Chatper 0158. Black Clothing
Final Appearance Chatper 232. Unselfish Act
Seiyu None
Voice Actor None
Age 53
Current Status Deceased





None Known

Along with Hikawa, Yukichi was a vampire boss and one of the first four Vampires that were seen in the Gantz series. They appeared out of nowhere after the Tokyo Gantz team had completed the mission at the dinosaur museum, and attacked them. He and the other vampires were charged with the task of defeating his people's enemies, the Gantz hunters. He is seen only a few times since then. After a group of vampire that ambushed Izumi were quickly and easily killed by him Yukichi an the other four Vampire bosses confront him. Despite the vampire bosses cornering him Yukichi was unable to dodge a fast slash of Izumi's Gantz sword that severed his legs and once immobilized Izumi quickly decapitated Yukichi, killing him.

Abilities & SkillsEdit

He uses a machine gun in battle, and is skilled enough with it to hit Izumi even when he is using his suit's invisibility. Despite that he wasn't quick enough to dodge a very fast invisible slash from Izumi.

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